American Inventor - Season Two, Episode Four Recap
American Inventor - Season Two, Episode Four Recap

Originally aired on Wednesday, 06/27/2007

Episode Rating: ***(3 stars out of 5)

Episode Overview: American Inventor continues its search for Chicago and New York City inventors and names each city's winner.

Episode Highlights:

  • The judges, Sarah Blakely, George Foreman, Pat Croce and Peter Jones, finally find some solid inventions in the Big Apple.
  • George Foreman continues to find the positive in many of the inventions.
  • All of the finalists are named, and the city winners are announced.

This week's entrants start out weak.  A man named Wigberto brings in his invention: The Urinator.  It's a funnel that attaches through a flexible pipe  to a toilet so that a man doesn't have to lift a lid to urinate.  It's a no and a shudder of not to imagine the odor issues associated with an accordian pipe full of urine.

Next is a very very enthusiastic young man who has hundreds of ideas.  But the idea he chooses to pitch is a headband that inflates upon impact to protect the wearer (somehow) better than a helmet.  When Pat and Peter say no, he keeps going, throwing out one more idea after another, leaping over a table to talk about how cancer didn't exist .  But they are all shot down, and he's sent on his way.

John Starck from Michagan brings in a balloon ear plug.  It looks silly although it does seem like a tight-fitting earplug could have potential.  The judges dimiss the idea even though they like John as a person.

Next up, a single mom looking for a better life for her children.  She has won Miss Black Tennessee and Miss Black USA pageants.  She has invested a lot of time and three months salary into her backless bra.  She is actually wearing the bra and demonstrates that it has good support for ladies with larger cup sizes, while still allowing for a totally backless look.  The judges are all impressed with her product and her pitch, and, with four yeses, she becomes a finalist.

 Another toilet-related invention next - it's a foot-operated toilet seat lifter.  Three no's, but George likes it.

And that's not the only thing George likes, and so we get a quick montage of George saying yes.  He seems able to see the benefit of almost everything, including a mop-related invention, a clock with dry-erase surface to write on times and a flexible hands-free flashlight. 

Chris Brooks says he has an invention that will solve issues between men and women: a remote control attached to a massager.  (So the dude can still watch TV while massaging his partner.)  Unanimous no's - even George doesn't like it.

Next up: another kooky character-type, Alvin Quiles.  His invention is a Skater-Aide.  It's basically a walker for skaters to help encourage exercise.  Three no's, but George still gives a yes, thinking it would have helped him exercise when he was training.

Back to New York City, which thus far has been a total disappointment, driving Peter to the brink of a breakdown.

A young man named David Mallet brings in his invention: the Wingman.  It's like a dating PDA.  You fill out information on a website and download it to some sort of device.  When you are in the vicinity of another device, it will help match you up with compatible people in the area.  It can be used as an icebreaker by giving people's a heads-up about who might be finding you attractive.  The judges seem intrigued, and ask him what it would mean for him to win.  He talks about his mother's expectations, and how this would validate what she's always hoped for for him.

Next up are some inventions that also got some positive responses: a trash can lid that cleans your trash can, a car seat cover for infant carrier with vibration, and crib incline device brought in by a young man. 

Two engineers from Boston head in next.  Harvard and MIT.  Claw.  Bike hook.  Peter doesn't understand why you would hang a bike and Pat has to explain how people with no space have to hang.  Pat and George love it, but Peter thinks it's dangerous.  Sarah likes it though, so it's three yeses, and more NYC finalists.

A Jamaican woman who went deaf comes in next.  She comes from a family of musicians and wants to participate with them.  Ready to wear speaker gear.  Feel vibrations from music. It's like headphones for a deaf person to be able to appreciate music.  The judges are asked to come forward to feel the vest working.  They say a person can dance to the music through the vest.  She gets four yeses and the judges are all enthused about her product.  She's also a great spokesperson - very warm and likable. 

The judges now debate.  Pat is passionate about the bike claw.  Peter loves The Wingman, but George is concerned it's too complicated.  The music-app

Chicago - Elmer, drag races, Elaine.  George and Peter both like the invention.  Pat supports the drag race.  Sarah and Peter both love the backless bra, although Sarah concedes there are other convertible bras on the market. 

The New York winners, David and Craig, are the makers of the bike claw!  They get a check for $50,000 and they are on their way to Los Angeles. 

The Chicago winner is the backless bra inventor, Elaine Cato.  She is thrilled for the chance and ready to go to Los Angeles. 

Next week: Tampa! 

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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