What The Friday? Reactions to the 'American Idol' Personal Idol Week Results
What The Friday? Reactions to the 'American Idol' Personal Idol Week Results
This week, I want to re-hash some of the weirder moments that happened in the results show, but first an update on Casey Abrams. People.com reports that Casey Abrams has been in and out of the hospital with ulcerative colitis, a condition that causes abdominal pain and cramping. He received two blood transfusions, but no one is acting like it's a big deal yet, particularly Abrams, who tweeted, "Hey guys, thanks for the well wishes, I got some nice fresh blood in me and feeling better." At least he got out of the Ford music video (and the "live" group performance!)

If you don't know who got eliminated this week, read no further! We're going to talk about it! Well, aside from that group performance, which I could watch over and over again, I really want to talk about Ryan Seacrest. Peaches is off his game this week, and maybe this season. If you think you know how results shows go, American Idol wants to show you that you have no idea. And that they have more important things to fill the hour with than re-hashing the contestants' performances; important things like the Red Riding Hood premiere and The Dougie. 
Ryan really wanted to talk about The Dougie. Maybe just to prove that he's still hip and knows what the teens are talking about. J. Lo was also eager to demonstrate The Dougie, and I would like to direct your attention to Steven Tyler's face in this screencap:

dougietakesitstoll.jpgGrandma doesn't know what to think! Also, it looks like Randy is trying to get the show back on track. Someone's gotta regulate, and it's not going to be ol' One-Sleeve there.

While I wasn't surprised that Ashthon went home, I was taken aback by how poorly Ryan delivered the results. We all know that American Idol loves the fake-out ("I'm sorry ... but you'll just have to be here another week, you're safe!") but Ryan seems to be missing that you can only use it one way. It's fun (I guess) to cause a fleeting moment of panic in a contestant before you let them relax. It's awful, though, to tell a contestant they're safe then pull the rug out from under them. He did this twice this week, and I felt bad for everyone involved.

The first time he abused the fake-out was with Karen Rodriguez. He took her to center stage, along with Jacob Lusk and Stefano Langone. He reviewed all their feedback, and asked them odd, irrelevant questions, then opened the envelope.
"You are all safe," Ryan began, and Jacob and Stefano hugged, and Karen looked relieved, "except ... except, except," Ryan interrupted the rejoicing, "except Karen this evening."
Karen recovered nicely, looking like, "Oh you got me, Ryan!" then telling him, "that's okay," when he sent her to the elimination stools. Haha, elimination stools.

Two performances later, it was time for more results, and the couch-dwellers had to know there wasn't much time left, especially after all this banter. Ryan brought Lauren, Ashthon, and Haley to the stage, and gave a teary-eyed Lauren the positive fake-out,
"I'm sorry, darling ... you're going to have to endure ... more stress on this show because you're safe!"

Ryan reviewed Ashthon and Haley's performances, then delivered the news like this:
"After the nationwide vote, Ashthon, I'm sorry to tell you that you are in the bottom three," then as Haley looked sad-faced for Ashthon and went in for a hug, Ryan tacked on, "along with Haley tonight! You are both in the bottom three."

Haley covered nicely, since she was already putting on a sad face for Ashthon, she just turned it into a, "well, yeah, you know, whatever," sort of face. Ashthon, on the other hand, looked at Ryan like, "are you serious with that?" Then he pushed them off to the stools.

Not cool, Ryan! Maybe next week Ryan will pull a double fake-out: "I'm sorry ... but you'll just have to be here another week ... if you make it out of the bottom three, which you're in. Understand me?"

How would you deliver the news? Give your best fake-out line in the comments and the "winner" gets a shout out in my results recap next week. Or something someone would actually want ... Anyway, give it a try, it will be fun!

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