What Happened to Former American Idol Patrick Hall?
I'll admit it,  Patrick Hall was one of my favorite contestants from American Idol season five, mostly because he was a fellow 'working musician', which for me, made him the most 'real' of the contestants.  Week after week Hall struggled with the falseness factor of American Idol, which might have been irritating to American Idol's judges, but was awesome for Patrick fan's like me.    Randy would often reference Patrick's club work a touch of condescending, as if the struggles and rigors of the 'real-world' music industry couldn't prepare an artist for the 'big' time of studios full of pitch correction and thousand dollar air-brush artists touching up your face shots.  Sure, Hall could have played that game, strutting and putting on the false attitude that 'endeared' us to folks like Kellie Pickler and Taylor Hicks, but he kept it real instead.  A few months back, I was pleasantly surprised to find Patrick Hall had released a new single and video on MySpace which seemed to poke fun at the very same factors that Hall resisted during his stint on American Idol.

The single, "One for the ages", seems to be a catharsis for Patrick, from the beginning it is an artistic push to get the American Idol experience behind him and get on with his real attempt at the big time, on his own terms, in his own way.  If I were a little more sardonic about the whole thing, I'd point out that targeting his dismissal from American Idol in his first single is a predictable grab at the shows coat-tails,  but the soulful honesty of his performance on "One for the Ages" makes that too much of a reach.  There is little doubt that Hall means every word he sings.

Further more, if you get beyond the American Idol musings of Ages and check out the other sample tracks at www.patrickhall.net you can see that Hall has a few other tricks up his sleeve, as well.  His EP has been available through Amazon and similar outlets for a while now, but I couldn't find any info on whether Hall has a full length CD due out anytime soon.  I, for one, am hoping so.

Jon Lachonis - Buddytv Features Writer