Tim Urban on Vote for the Worst: "It's Really Not Anything Anybody Should Be Proud Of"
Tim Urban on Vote for the Worst: "It's Really Not Anything Anybody Should Be Proud Of"
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Say what you will about Tim Urban, and believe me I have, you have to give the kid credit for being incredibly positive, well-mannered and sweet. Despite being eliminated from American Idol last night and not being allowed to sing his farewell song, Tim was audibly all-smiles this morning when he talked with members of the American Idol press.

Well, almost all-smiles, there was one name that brought out a dour side to Tim, that of his biggest supporters: Vote for the Worst. It would seem the one person that dislikes Vote for the Worst more than BuddyTV commenters, is Tim himself. Tim admitted frankly he's no fan of VFTW saying, "I'm not excited I was on their website."  

You can read the rest of Tim's thoughts on Vote for the Worst, his time on American Idol and what's next for him and his perfect bangs below.

How did you feel about being Vote for the Worst's Pick this season?

"I really have no comment about that website. I'm not excited I was on their website. I think that it's really not anything anybody should be proud of. I really didn't like being on there and basically I was working my hardest to get off of it. I'm actually kind of sad that I was on that website."

How do you respond to critics who said you only remained on American Idol based on your charisma, smile and sex appeal?

"I don't think I would respond to that. People like to kind of pick somebody and then find something that they don't like about them and talk about it. And I guess that's part of dealing with the industry, it's part of dealing with being in the spotlight. People are gonna say that, but people are going to say that about pretty much anybody you'll find-people who don't like any artist out there. And so you have to deal with it, and shrug it off. I don't perform for the people who don't like me. I perform for the people who want me to be on stage. Those are the people I try to worry about."

While you had lots of critics, you also had lots of genuine supporters, especially on Twitter. Have you seen it and were you surprised by it?

"Yeah. I haven't seen that much of it, just because of how crazy it's been. But the little bit that I've caught, it's been so amazing to me. Because you're kind of in this little American Idol bubble, you almost lose sight of how big the show is, it's really incredible to see that kind of support. It's really encouraging too."

The judges were pretty harsh with some of their critiques, what went through your mind during those critiques?

"I decided that I wasn't going to take any of it personally, and try not to take it too seriously until I had time to process it. When they make certain remarks, I find it kind of funny that they got that out of my performance.  It made me smile--I hadn't thought that you would think that about the performance.  They all have opinions, and you listen to them and you're like "alright I'll take that" but you can't take it too serious, otherwise it would be really hard to go out on stage. And I realized that, if I took it all really, really personally, I wouldn't want to go out there the next week."

The judges consistently complimented you on your positivity, how did you feel about that?

"That's actually something that was actually my goal on the show--was not just to improve as an artist, but to just to be a very good contestant, and to take what everyone was saying and not to let it get me down, but to take what they were saying and work at it and improve. But also, not to really complain or to talk back--just to take the criticisms and work from it. So it was cool to get that recognition about something I'm very proud of."

Why do you smile so much?

"I think I smile because I have a really solid grounding, that I know who I am. I know that regardless of what happens around me, that will always be there. I get criticized and it's like 'that's alright', cause I still know who I am.  I still am happy that I get to do what I get to do.  It' just such a blessing to here and have this opportunity, that I really couldn't help but smile.  And even when they were criticizing me, I was like "alright this is part of it." You've got to enjoy as much as you possibly can. That's just what I try to do.  I didn't want to get depressed about comments, I just decided not to let them really affect me that much."

What advice from the judges do you plan on taking with you now that American Idol is done?

"The really good advice they had for me was to figure out who you are as an artist. Kara said to me a couple of times--that singer/songwriter avenue--which was kind of what I was doing before the show is something I should really pursue. They were really encouraging to figure out where I fit in and just go for it, and not try to be some other kind of artist, and not try to fit in a circle, but just be the kind of artist that I am.  It was cool to get that kind of encouragement from them."

When you auditioned for American Idol, did you have any vision about where you wanted to end up or how you would do?

"Honestly I auditioned, I didn't even think I'd make it past the stadium, just because of how many people were there and how few people were getting through.  When I was in the stadium, I was honestly expecting them to say that I wasn't what they were looking for.  I really didn't have any grand picture. So this whole thing has really blown me away. When I made it to Hollywood week, I was "wow, this is crazy" and then when I got sent home, I was like "ok" and then they called me back. It's been like this really crazy roller coaster journey."

What was the high point of the show for you?

"That's a difficult question. Every time you step out on the stage it such an amazing experience.  The rush of going out on that stage will always be a high point for me.  Probably the biggest high point was getting that feed back after singing the Elvis song, and seeing that I had improved and the judges were noticing that. That was really cool for me personally, just because I had been working so hard up to that point."

Who were your closest friends among the contestants?

"That's a tough question, because we're all around each other 24/7 and I got to know everybody individually--we're all really close but in different ways. I got pretty close to Casey James and Big Mike because we were roommates for awhile. I also ended up getting close to Lee and Andrew--great guys that I love to death.  Aaron is like a little brother to me. Siobhan she's awesome, I love hanging out with her...Crystal. I probably spent the most time with Casey, Big Mike, Lee and Andrew, just time-wise."

What did your fellow contestants say after you were eliminated?

"It was really encouraging, because we're all going to go on tour together, so it wasn't like a really really sad time. I tried to stay upbeat, I tried to stay energetic.  We just kind of had a laugh watching my recap. It was actually a really cool time, because we're saying goodbye, but it's not like we won't see each other very soon. We'll be on tour together.  They were all expressing their love--it was a really cool time."

Who do you think will win season 9?

"Honestly, I've been thinking about this, because I've been asked this question a lot, and it really is hard to say. Any moment, any week--they all have talent, they are all incredible--they could just step out there and really just blow America away and show them something incredible. For me, I really don't' know. I'm kind of excited to see who is going to step up and really just amaze America.  I'm rooting for everyone to really step up and make this really difficult."

What's next for you? Will you be pursuing a career in music or perhaps television?

"I would love to do music, I would love to pursue that, and I'm hoping that door opens up, but I also have always had a desire to act and be in that side of the entertainment industry as well. I'm really just excited about the opportunities."

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