This Week on 'American Idol': Billboard #1 Hits Week
This Week on 'American Idol': Billboard #1 Hits Week
The good news, more or less: it's not Teen Idols week on American Idol this week. Gone are our questions as to what this would actually entail--whether it's current teen idols (the likes of Justin Bieber) or past teen idols (Hanson? New Kids on the Block? The Beatles?)

The bad news: it's Billboard #1 Hits week on American Idol this week. Not the most challenging theme, I know, considering we've had three weeks of chart hits during the semifinals...

There's no official word from Fox at the moment, but MJsBigBlog has confirmed that this week's performances will indeed revolve around songs that made it to the top spot in the Billboard charts. She talked to Fred Bronson, author of The Billboard Book of #1 Hits, who also confirmed that he'll be doing a segment on Tuesday night's show, but he isn't the mentor.

Who would that mentor be? There's no telling--even the contestants were kept under wraps about it before they finally met their mentor early this weekend.

Now I wonder: why did they change the theme? Okay, so theme changes aren't unusual on Idol. Maybe the Top 11 had issues finding songs that would get cleared. But I think this is going to be a very boring theme week, because it isn't remotely as challenging as Teen Idols week (however bad that sounds). I mean, there are 983 songs to choose from, going as far back as 1958. It's pretty easy to spot a song that really fits you, although implementation is a different matter altogether.

Anyhow, early reports state that Joe Jonas and Miley Cyrus are performing on Wednesday night's results shows. (Leftovers from the supposed theme?) If anything, this is still going to be an odd, confusing week on American Idol.

Quick question: are you actually excited?

(Image courtesy of Fox)