The 'American Idol' Top 9: Who's Going Home?
The 'American Idol' Top 9: Who's Going Home?
Aha! So it is an upward trajectory on American Idol this week. Those we expected to tank, didn't. Those we expected to do well, did even better. The worst performance of the night? Not really all that bad, in my opinion. Does that make things easier for us? Absolutely not. Can I scream "Help!" now?

But we still have our picks for eliminaton, although the deliberation process was longer than usual. What Abbey and I agreed on, surprisingly, seems to fit with what most of you thought via Fantasy TV and the polls. Here's who we think is getting "A Ticket to Ride" tonight.

Your Picks for Elimination For FantasyTV:

Tim Urban - 41%
Andrew Garcia - 25%
Aaron Kelly - 17%

Poll results from last night's live thoughts:

Worst performance of the night:

Aaron Kelly's "The Long and Winding Road": 56%
Andrew Garcia's "Can't Buy Me Love": 35%
Michael Lynche's "Eleanor Rigby": 6%

In case you're wondering, nobody voted for Tim.

Who will be eliminated tonight?

Aaron Kelly: 46%
Andrew Garcia: 34%

Tim Urban and Katie Stevens are tied with 10% of the vote.

Experts' picks for elimination:

For the second time this season, Abbey and I are thinking the same thing. Our bottom three:

Aaron Kelly
Andrew Garcia
Katie Stevens

Abbey's expecting a surprise appearance from Michael Lynche. Equally surprising: we both think Tim Urban will avoid the bottom three after what is arguably his best performance of the season.

In the end, we both think it's Aaron Kelly who will go home.

And now, the usual question: did we all get it right, or should we expect a huge surprise? And by huge, I mean bigger than Lee and Andrew's budding bromance.

(Image courtesy of Fox)