The 'American Idol' Top 7: Who's Going Home?
The 'American Idol' Top 7: Who's Going Home?
For a week that's supposed to be inspiring, American Idol instead left me uninspired and bored. For the most part, at least. I think everybody was, too, because the numbers I'm seeing right now are the same old stuff we've seen over, and over, and over again...

Well, here are the numbers I've crunched, then. Enter your votes from our live recap last night, and your picks on our little Fantasy TV community. Enter, also, the bottom three of your esteemed (and disappointed?) Idol experts, Abbey and yours truly. I won't say much this time. That's pretty much the theme I have for this week, right?

Your FantasyTV Picks for Elimination:

Tim Urban - 40%
Aaron Kelly - 33%
Michael Lynche - 11%

Poll results from last night's live thoughts:

Best performance of the night:

Crystal Bowersox's "People Get Ready": 59%
Lee Dewyze's "The Boxer": 38%

The remaining 3% had other choices that weren't Michael Lynche's "Hero", which got no votes.

Worst performance of the night:

Tim Urban's "Better Days": 41%
Aaron Kelly's "I Believe I Can Fly": 38%
Siobhan Magnus' "When You Believe": 17%

Who's going home tonight?

Tim Urban: 49%
Aaron Kelly: 31%
Siobhan Magnus: 14%

Experts' picks for elimination:

Abbey Simmons' bottom three:

Aaron Kelly
Casey James
Tim Urban

Tim Urban is going home this week.

Henrik Batallones' bottom three:

Aaron Kelly
Siobhan Magnus
Tim Urban

I still doubt Tim will get what he should've received eons ago this week. I think Aaron Kelly is going home.

Tonight, the Top 12 (or at least Andrew and Katie) are returning to perform on Idol Gives Back, along with many other musical guests. Later, the eliminated contestants will bring one of the Top 7 to their fold. Oh, Ryan, please don't pull off a season 6 and not eliminate anybody again...

(Image courtesy of Fox)