The 'American Idol' Honor Roll: The Best and Worst of Hollywood, Part One
The 'American Idol' Honor Roll: The Best and Worst of Hollywood, Part One
For those of us who were hoping to see a couple more new names when American Idol kicked off its Hollywood auditions, well, we were definitely disappointed. Sorry, no Lilly Scott-style discoveries at the moment.

What we got was an hour-long look back at all of our "early favorites." Some of them are favorites, sure, but then there are some who the judges just want around as long as possible -- a reality I've long accepted in my three years of writing about Idol. Anyway, it's the Hollywood round, which means less of the mundane and more of the good stuff. But yes, that's a bit up for debate.

With that in mind, here's an attempt to list the best and worst of the first two days of the Hollywood auditions. All of these names we've heard of before, but what else can we do?

The Best Performances

Brett Loewenstern. I still can't get the image of Chris Colfer out of my head when I watch him, but he chose a better song for Hollywood. While "Bohemian Rhapsody" felt a little obvious, "Let It Be" brought out the soul that I kinda saw the first time around.

Robbie Rosen. I enjoyed his performance more than during his auditions. I heard more of the soul that I found lacking during his first try.

Hollie Cavanaugh. Look what you can do when you're not crying! Hollie had a strong showing this week: She reaches for the higher parts effortlessly and the whole thing sounds so nice.

The Ones We're Happy To See Go Home

James Durbin. Like I hinted at yesterday, I don't like him not because of his (blown-up, thanks to the producers) sob story, but because he's an Adam Lambert rip-off who cannot really handle it. His Hollywood performance proves all that.

Victoria Huggins. I don't want someone who says, "I feel more like a 17-year-old. I feel special," after being rejected to sing on my TV screen.

They Went Home? WTF?

Sarah Sellers. I guess they just didn't want someone with huge lips on the show. Otherwise, this is so wrong!

Rob Bolin. OK, he didn't go home, but his performance felt like he wasn't giving it all. Maybe it's all the bits he got from that "couple" Nick and Jacqueline. Suddenly he lacked the conviction I found when I performed with his ex Chelsea during his callback. Luckily for him he stayed ...

And there goes my list. Who's your favorite from last night's audition? And are you looking forward to the dramathon that is group day? Speaking of which, they're not branding it as a dramathon! For now, at least.

(Image courtesy of FOX)