The 'American Idol' Guest Judge Report Card: Avril Lavigne
The 'American Idol' Guest Judge Report Card: Avril Lavigne
After every episode, we assess how American Idol's guest judges have fared. Towards the end, we'll see if they did Paula Abdul's old slot justice. Or the show justice. Or Simon Cowell's soon-to-be-vacated slot justice. You get the idea.

Name: Avril Lavigne
Best known as: Grammy-nominated pop-punker with a taste for complicated boys
Audition city: Los Angeles

How did she judge? Better yet, did she judge? There wasn't much of Avril that I saw. I only knew she was there because of that cute horned hoodie that is sooo like her. I honestly remember her only for two things: saying no to Jim Ranger, and her little critique of Mary Powers, where she said she liked her because of her pop-punk voice and her get-up. Does she know what she's talking about?

Did she get along with the judges? I think so, but again, I can't tell. Either they just didn't show much of her, or there wasn't much interaction to begin with, much like Posh Spice during the Boston auditions. (Editors, I need less of Neil Goldstein and more of Avril Lavigne to make this assessment sensible.) Thought bubble: Was Avril playing it safe throughout her stint on Idol?

Nasty or nice? Her personality--or at least what we perceive is her personality--comes through when she speaks in that slightly pitchy voice. And then there were her attempts to control her laughter whenever a bad audition comes along. It's like listening a little girl judge alongside Simon. Nope, that isn't a negative statement or anything. She just reminds me of that.

The Paula Abdul rating: 6/10
The Simon Cowell rating: 5/10

Anything else? Did she really judge? Can anybody confirm?

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