SPOILERS: 'American Idol' Top 24
SPOILER ALERT, OBVIOUSLY! If you don't want to know who is making it into the Top 24 (or at least 22 of them), read no further! If you do, you came to the right place.

Here's the list, from TV Squad, of who will be up for our votes to get into the Top 10 or 12, and how surprised (on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being frozen with shock) we are that they're in the Top 24:
Ashthon Jones (member of "The Hits" in the group round and nailed a performance of "And I'm Telling You" in the solo round)
Surprise level: 3 Ashthon's got it going on!

Brett Loewenstern (anti-bullying redhead who may or may not weigh 92 pounds and rescued Jacee from being a group round outcast)
Surprise level: 1 This kid has redeemed himself for weeks to come, and he's a great singer.

Casey Abrams (Soul Patrol, jazzy bass/harmonium player who looks like Seth Rogen)
Surprise level: 1 We knew Casey was going straight to the top when he sang "Georgia on My Mind"

Clint Jun Gamboa (hip glasses, big voice, kicked Jacee out of his group in a move that "America" may see as irredeeemable)
Surprise level: 4 He's a great singer and totally on-point, but he has used practically everything in his bag of tricks already ... in every song.

Haley Reinhart (came back for a second time this year to blow the judges away with a smoky version of "God Bless the Child" in the solo round)
Surprise level: 2  How could they not put her through!

Jacee Badeaux ("chubby Bieber" looks like he's 12 and would be great in a boys' choir)
Surprise level: 6  He's cute and totally endearing and we've gotten to know him pretty well so far, so it would be weird if he wasn't in the Top 24. Still, we're a little surprised since his voice is a little immature for the competition.

Jacob Lusk (emerged late in the competition as a total powerhouse)
Surprise level: 1 He wasn't going anywhere after that rendition of "God Bless the Child"!

James Durbin (screamer with lots of personal strife, and a scarf tail)
Surprise level: 6 Really? They're putting the poor man's Adam Lambert through? I guess J Lo and Steven aren't over those tricks yet.

Jordan Dorsey (Judgy McJudgerson in the group round, then left his group for another one late in the game)
Surprise level: 7  Really? This guy? We didn't even think he was that good ...

Jovany Barreto (took his shirt off for J Lo in the New Jersey auditions)
Surprise level: 7  He must really pull it out in Las Vegas.

Julie Zorilla (pretty, sparkly shoes, became more of a star behind the piano in the solo round)
Surprise level: 3  J Lo loves Julie Zorilla so much, so it's no surprise she went through. But as far as stunning, gorgeous singers go, I'm team Pia Toscano!

Pia Toscano  (we don't know much about her, but she did well in the opening group number and she's gorgeous)
Surprise level: 2  Go Pia!

Karen Rodriguez (came into American Idol courtesy of the Myspace contest. Stayed on her own merit)
Surprise level: 4  I thought she'd already been eliminated? Or maybe she came close after an unimpressive group performance.

Kendra Chantelle (so far we've only seen her perform an impressive rendition of "Georgia on My Mind")
Surprise level: Neutral  We just haven't seen much of her yet, so we don't have much of an opinion.

Lauren Alaina (has been killing it all the way through, chosen as an early favorite to win)
Surprise level: 1 Can we say zero?

Lauren Turner (completely murdered Cee Lo's "[Forget] You" in all the right ways in the group round)
Surprise level: 2  She'd better have made it through!

Naima Adedapo (an "early favorite" from the audition round. J Lo called her the "total package")
Surprise level: 3  We think we remember her being good? It's been a while, Naima.

Paul McDonald (who? We saw him audition in Nashville, through a montage of guys who are good singers. Hopefully we'll see more of him in Vegas)
Surprise level: Neutral  Again ... who? He looks cute, though. I'd take him over Rob Bolin any day.

Rachel Zevita (the first audition of Season 10, got a second shot and is making it count)
Surprise level: 5  We haven't seen much of Rachel Zevita yet but what little we've seen has been good, though not particularly memorable.

Robbie Rosen (was temporarily in a wheelchair, though we've since forgotten that after a beautiful version of "Gravity" at the piano in the solo round)
Surprise level: 2  If only he could promise us never to wear a leather vest again.

Scotty McCreery (16-year old who sings in a low baritone. He may only know one song)
Surprise level: 4  He's a great singer, but has been through his share of drama and "nuts of wonder" throughout the Hollwood round.

Tim Halperin (sort of hit on J Lo during his audition in LA. Haven't seen much of him since)
Surprise level: 6  The last time we really saw him, Randy doubted Tim's ability to find himself vocally. He must have gotten on that before he went to Hollywood!

Anyone you're surprised not to see on the list? Anyone you're surprised to see ON the list?

(image courtesy of FOX)