Singing Show Notes: Bowersox Outsells DeWyze, Committed Takes Home the Trophy, and Paula Abdul Still Around
What's happening in the world of singing shows these days? What is happening in the world of Paula Abdul? What is a dance dome? We've got the answers!

Crystal Bowersox's 'Farmer's Daughter' Outsells Lee DeWyze's First Album
"I knew it!" Bowersoxers everywhere are jumping up and screaming. Or maybe they've just been out buying the album in support, whereas Idol Season 9 winner, Lee DeWyze, only got a record number of votes, and not sales. So the runner-up is beating the winner on the charts, but she's not exactly "laughing all the way to the bank." Her album debuted just ahead of Justin Guarini and Diana DeGarmo in sales. Yeah. So even Bo Bice topped Lee DeWyze. Is Idol on its way out? Or can Season 10's endless re-vamps save it from jumping the shark? [Zap2it]

Get The Scoop on The Sing-Off Season 2 Winners, Committed
In this interview on's PopWatch
, Committed talks about the Sing-Off experience, comparing it to summer camp. Except for us it was like Christmas camp, even though most of the show was actually filmed in August/September. They tell EW that their most "compromising" piece was the Usher medley. Really? They enjoyed performing "Hold My Hand," and a tour with the other groups isn't really in the works, but everyone is "hopeful." Committed kind of seems like a bummer. What do you think? Are you glad they won?

Paula Abdul is Back With Live To Dance, Still Nuts

Paula is busier than ever, despite having departed American Idol a year and a half ago. Maybe you've seen promos for her new show, Live To Dance, for which she is a lead expert, mentor, coach, and executive producer. The show falls under the "so crazy it just might work!" category, featuring dance acts of any age and size, performing in "Dance Domes," specially built for Live To Dance. Of course ... Dance Domes. Check out TVGuide's interview with Paula Abdul, in which she proves to us that she's the same old nut we came to love on American Idol. Live To Dance will air Wednesday, January 19th, putting it in direct conflict with American Idol.

Check out this video preview of Live to Dance, courtesy of TooFab!

(image courtesy of FOX)