Sanjaya's Hair on Ebay? Or American Idol Hoax? You Decide!
Sanjaya is a nice lad.  I always feel I have to say something nice before I start cutting.  He's a nice lad, but he can't sing for beans and has some of the weirdest hairstyles I have ever seen (which I am convinced is a plot by American Idol producers to keep him in headlines.) Now you can own your own piece of American Idol's most prized contestant, or so the auction claims.   Hey, it totally looks like his hair!  I think I actually recognize that curl pattern.

This would not be the first time authentic scraps of American Idol contestants have gone up for sale on Ebay.  However, usually, like Sanjaya's career, the auctions end before they succeed.  The seller gives no explanation for how they acquired the hair, nor do they offer any way to authenticate their claims.  With all that in mind, can we just safely assume it isn't real?  If you're saying no, I have a whole head full of Sanjaya hair I'll sell you for $100 a lock.

All this hair business aside, can I just say that for once, Sanjaya actually was not the worst singer on American Idol tonight?  Opinions will vary, of course, but I'd have to give that to Phil. Damn VoteForTheWorst for coming up with Philferatu, ruined my favorite vampire movie of time.  Seriously, tonight Phil was just creeping me out.  At least there's one upside to Phil, we won't be seeing his hair for sale on Ebay.

So if you're feeling particularly gullible tonight, surf on over to ebay, search for "Sanjaya hair" and place your bid.  All proceeds from the sale will benefit some guy that will point at you and laugh when he goes to cash your check.

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image from EBAY)