Sanjaya Winning American Idol?
Let's face it,  American Idol is huge, but in the grand scheme of things it hits, at its best, around ten percent of the American population.  So it is conceivable, out of the around 300 million people in the USA alone, that there could be an anti-American Idol audience out there every bit as large.  Imagine, if you will, that the anti-idol press after years of trying, and after gathering support from folks like Shock Jock 'Howard Stern', has finally reached enough of those people who just despise American Idol to finally make the difference.  Why is this worth re-speculating yet again?  According to a couple of American Idol fan sites, an alleged 'insider' has been sending around a statement that claims Sanjaya pulled ahead in the wake of Howard Sterns call for votes, as in... to the winners slot.

I was surfing along through Digg today looking for some stats on last week's race, trying to get something together with today being the big day and all, and I found several blogs all stating the same thing.  They had received a mysterious email from an Idol insider stating that Sanjaya was the #1 vote bringer last week.  I almost threw up.

Would it be the end of the world if somebody gamed the American Idol voting system and caused Sanjaya to win?  Seriously, let's be grown up about this... YES!  Seriously, first of all, how true can this possibly be?  A mysterious insider, with no verifiable info, why should we believe them?  Sounds mightily suspicious to me.  But the whole scenario did make me consider the awful truth.  What if Sanjaya won? Would it be the end of American Idol?  Not at all.

Look, the biggest complaint guys like Stern and VoteForTheWorst have with American Idol is that it just does not function as the competition it makes itself out to be.  The fact that national auditions were held and someone like Sanjaya has made it into the competition is proof of that.  I like this Sanjaya kid, personally.  And hey, he sings better than I do.  In ten years, he might be awesome for all we know.   Truth be known, I feel bad for the kid having become the baseline for awful on the show.  Yet, I could probably find a dozen people in my little home town that would blow him off the stage, and we all saw people in the audition phase that had much more potential than Sanjaya.  Heck, I'd rather listen to the guy who did the grunge version of 'Dancing Queen'.  Let's just be serious here,  Idol season six has been publicly lashed for producing the weakest group of contestants  since the show first took to the air.  If after six years, the Idol voting system was finally found to be at the mercy of those who question the veracity of the auditioning process,  the only way to combat it would be at the source.  Get better contestants.

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image from Fox)