John vs. Abbey: Why Lee Dewyze Will (and Should) Win 'American Idol'
John vs. Abbey: Why Lee Dewyze Will (and Should) Win 'American Idol'
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
This week the Top 3 performed on American Idol and everyone with a pulse already knows how the results show will end.  Casey James knew he was going home the minute he made the Top 3, and so did the judges.

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However, just because Abbey and I agree on whose going home doesn't mean there's nothing to talk about.  This week we broke down each of the final three singers and figured out their futures.  Listen to the full podcast or continue below for the highlights.

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-For Casey, Abbey is still convinced he will be a huge hit, though I'm not so sure.  We agree that the judges screwed him over by picking a John Mayer song for him to sing, and I finally call out the fact that Casey isn't as hot and sexy as everyone seems to think he is.

-Neither of us thinks Crystal Bowersox will win, but neither of us wants her to either.  Crystal is at her best when she's herself, and even though the judges praise her authenticity, we examine the small ways the show has changed her.

-Abbey and I are in agreement that Lee Dewyze is the winner of American Idol and that the next week of shows is just a formality.  However, we're both equally frustrated by the obvious way the judges are trying to get him to win, such as Simon Cowell picking a song that he reserves for winners of his reality shows.

-However, unlike Abbey, I actually think Lee deserves to win and I would strangely be angry if anyone else won.

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