Is Michael Jackson American Idol Bound?

Despite initially shooting down the idea as a rumor, it now appears that Michael Jackson is in serious negations to appear on American Idol. The gloved one met with American Idol creator Simon Fuller in Las Vegas to discuss multiple options for reigniting Jackson’s career, and an appearance on American Idol was definitely amongst them? Says who? Read on to find out.

The news that Michael Jackson is considering an appearance on American Idol comes directly from American Idol host Ryan Seacrest who put himself on the record this week with US Weekly. According to Seacrest, Jackson is not only in negotiations , but everybody in the American Idol camp is seething with excitement. Seacrest told US Weekly “It would definitely make compelling television."
Compelling indeed seeing as though Jackson had a near meltdown at his last attempt at a live come-back, and that was without the pressure of home town hostilities.   Jackson would not only be showing his face on American Idol, one of the most watched shows on television, he’d be doing it a mere hop skip and a jump from Neverland and the community that just recently put him on trial for child molestation. (He was acquitted, by the way.)
With rumors that Rock and Roll royalty Paul McCartney may be making an appearance, does American Idol really need Michael Jackson? Would a Jacko appearance bring anything but grim fascination to the American Idol viewership? If Jackson were to botch the gig, would the stigma become an unwanted part of American Idol history? All of these questions are irrelevant of course, because the finalizing of a Jackson appearance on American Idol would be front page news and no one in their right mind would turn down that kind of publicity. So when will we know?   With the rate at which information is leaking, it seems American Idol producers could make an announcement any day. What do you think? Should Michael Jackson appear on American Idol? Would it be good for the show? Or just plain bad? 
- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer