10 Ways to Improve Season 10 of 'American Idol'
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Whether you are Team Dewyze or Team Bowersox, it seems consensus can be reached on one thing about American Idol: something needs to change. Fast. American Idol's rapidly declining ratings seem to echo the thoughts ringing through the heads of American Idol fans everywhere: this just isn't the same show I fell in love with, got excited about every week and anticipated every season.  And I don't buy it's just a lackluster season in terms of talent, something much deeper is wrong with American Idol: from the repetitive themes and song choices to questionable mentors to continuous overage time, plus an aggressive host and disinterested judges.  Not to mention ... Simon Cowell won't be back to save Idol with his quips, witticism and British smarm next year.

With ratings reaching dubiously low levels and fan complaints at a fevered pitch, it seems American Idol and FOX itself have taken notice. This week on the official American Idol website a survey appeared about viewer satisfaction with Idol and how the show can be improved and it would appear there are no sacred cows. The survey asks detailed questions about themes, the three judges we assume are coming back next season, the absence of Paula Abdul, guest judges and your watching habits. You can see (and take) the survey for yourself: here.

When FOX is done sifting through their survey results, they should stop on by here, because we too have a list of suggestions on how to save American Idol

10 Ways to Improve Season 10 of American Idol:

1) Until the Top 10 have America vote against contestants
2) Bring the judges' save into play earlier
3) Have the judges pick songs for contestants at the beginning of the competition, not the end
4) Get all new judges (only 3 though) and a new host
5) Raise the minimum contestant age to 18.
6) Enough with the repetitive themes (or themes at all)
7) Bring mentors in who can mentor
8) Give the judges a veto as well as a save
9) Bring Harry Connick Jr. to replace Simon Cowell
10) Place a gigantic ticking stop watch behind the contestant to remind the judges (and host) to stay on track.

What changes would you suggest to save American Idol next season?

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