Idol's Bucky Covington Appreciates Cowell's Criticism
American Idol's season 5 contestant Bucky Covington says he is grateful for judge Simon Cowell’s piercing criticisms despite other contestants' fear and detestation of the brutally frank judge.

Covington, who ranked 8th place on the popular reality show, acknowledges his personal gains for the biting criticisms. "Because of him being mean, millions of people watch that show…So I say 'thank you' for being mean. You turned on a lot of people to this show, and because of that a lot of great things happened to me." says Covington.

Moreover, he claims that he got everything he wanted out of his American Idol experience. "I didn't really think I was gong to win it. I wanted to be heard and get noticed…The most stressful thing for me was after this show is over, what's next? Is it back to painting cars? Is it playing clubs? Or is it a career starter?"

His then cloudy perception of what’s to come after American Idol season 5 has now presented itself in the form of a self-titled debut album which will be released on April 17, 2007. Currently, his first single called “A Different World” is escalating on the country charts.

Source: ABC News

-Kris, BuddyTV Staff Columnist