'Idol' Notes: Pia Toscano Doing Just Fine, and So is Paul McDonald
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Despite Uproar, Pia is Fine Without Idol
When Pia Toscano was eliminated from American Idol on Thursday, everyone was shocked. Except Ryan Seacrest, but he just might not be programmed to love yet. Radar Online reports that the elimination may have been due, in part, to glitches in the online voting system. This is all just speculation, though, and a production source says there were no problems with the voting. Who's right? Does it even matter anymore? No. See you on tour, Pia!

So you may have already heard that Pia Toscano is dating Dancing With the Stars' Mark Ballas. Pia was also seen walking into the offices of a record label on Friday. It looks like she's doing a lot better without the show now, instead of hearing Randy backpedal about his "no more ballads" comment each week. [Perez Hilton]

Paul McDonald Dating Twilight Star Nikki Reed
The Idols are getting around! Paul McDonald met Nikki Reed, of Twilight fame, at the Red Riding Hood premiere. You know, that premiere party that Ryan Seacrest made us watch a video clip package about? Watch it again if you're fastidiously chronicling their whirlwind romance. Paul actually says he would "probably hang out with her." OH MY GOD.

Well they hit it off, and the two are allegedly Skyping/dating now. Because they have so much free time to hang out. But hey, she's probably voting for him! Apparently another Twilight star is an Idol fan, as reports have surfaced that Taylor Lautner Skyped with Lauren Alaina (or actually that he just said hi in passing, during a Paul/Nikki Skype). Technology! [E! Online]

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(Image courtesy of FOX)