History Refutes Hudson's Claims of American Idol Cruelty
A few weeks back, Oscar winner and former American Idol contestant Jennifer Hudson made shocking allegations of everything from brainwashing to abuse going on behind the scenes at America's number one talent show.  Surprisingly, she stood alone in those allegations against five seasons of Idol contestants including the hosts of American Idol rewind who immediately jumped to American Idol's defense and dismissed her claims as "looney".  Now, Jennifer Hudson has focused her dissatisfaction with the American Idol experience squarely on Judge Simon Cowell, accusing him of costing her chance to win American Idol,  and Simon has responded.

“We put Jennifer Hudson on ‘American Idol.’ The American audience voted her out; I didn’t kick Jennifer Hudson out.”  Cowell told an AP reporter, and referenced the recorded history of the show to back him up.  In fact,  Cowell was a strong supporter of Hudson who made the shocked proclamation "Tongue, floor." when she was voted out to express his utter dismay.

The latest round of strife developed a few days ago when Hudson told a FOX news reporter that Cowell was not a fan of hers.  When the reporter challenged this,  Hudson told the reporter to go watch the tapes and the truth would be right there in the magnetic resonance.

Tv news magazine Extra took Hudson up on the challenge and found that, just as Cowell had claimed, the acrid Brit was a fountainhead of compliments.  Example:

“You’ve now put yourself in the position where you could be a frontrunner, You’ve created something in this competition we’ve never had before, which is a battle of the divas.”

The question now becomes will Hudson now back peddle and admit that she was wrong?  Many people, particularly those in the entertainment media, are beginning to label Hudson as an ungrateful diva with a lower case 'd'  since her claims against American Idol, the show that launched her career, have failed to hold water.  

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer

(Image Courtesy National Ledger)