Failed American Idol Wannabe Making Waves on Myspace
Perhaps best known as American Idol's Antonella's less successful, but equally flirtatious friend, Amanda Coluccio has turned to MySpace to launch her career.  The singer who did not make it into the twenty-four, but did make Hollywood week, is striking some provocative poses and slithering through some sexy lyrics in an attempt to get her big break.   If you count Myspace friends as the mile markers to success, the former American Idol hopeful has  a long road ahead of her.

The single on her Myspace page, "Push and Touch," has enough pitch correction to make you wonder if there is anything human left on the track.  None-the-less it is a catchy track that I have nick-named "Fergie-lite."  At over 11,000 views though, Amanda has only picked up 120 friends.  Gotta get the bots going if you're going to own the 'space girlfriend.

Antonella Barba on her own MySpace has sought to completely bury her bad girl image, adding the completely off season "Christmas Song" to her play list.   People out and about have been offering up positive comparisons to Amanda, but personally it sounds like Antonella is at least singing without digital pitch correction as her guide, even though she needs it.  Still, when you're resorting to Christmas songs at this stage of your career, it's not exactly a sign that things are going well.

The duo were infamous hell raisers during American Idol's earliest phases.  Inseparable, the duo were often seen harassing the various men folk amongst the contest.   Antonella, as we recently reported, has been romantically linked to both Chris Richardson, and Blake.  (Not at the same time, mind you.) No word on what kind of residual hanky panky Amanda is up to.

Antonella is currently weighing a six-figure offer to host "Girls Gone Wild", as soon as the producer gets out of jail.  While she has not publicly rejected the offer, it's a safe bet from her image makeover on Myspace that she won't be pursuing any projects that reinforce her 'Bad-Girl' image.

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image from Myspace)