Former 'American Idol' Semifinalist Weighs In On Miss New Jersey's Photo Scandal
Early this month, Miss New Jersey Amy Polumbo announced that someone was trying to blackmail her into giving up her crown by threatening to release embarrassing photos posted on her Facebook social networking page.  Polumbo admitted that some of photos showed her acting in an unladylike manner, but the Miss New Jersey pageant board decided not to disqualify her because the photos did not feature nudity.

21-year old Antonella Barba found herself in a similar situation while she was a semifinalist during this year’s American Idol.  Although no one was attempting to blackmail Barba, a set of photos that showed her posing provocatively spread throughout the internet, creating some negative publicity for both Barba and the show. American Idol producers decided not to disqualify Barba, but she was eliminated right before the Finals.

“I feel so bad for [Polumbo]," Antonella Barba told the Associated Press last week.  "I've been in the same situation she's been in.  It disgusts me, people's interest in the dirt and trying to bring somebody down.”

Barba also offered some advice to Polumbo, saying, "I used to say “Cover your tracks,” but it really should be, “Don't make tracks that need to be covered.’ Once anything is online, it's free reign.”

The racy photo scandal is not the only thing that the two women have in common.  Both Polumbo and Antonella Barba are natives of New Jersey, and both are busy pursuing their degrees in their respective schools.  Polumbo is a student at Wagner College in Staten Island, New York, while Barba is enrolled at Catholic University, where she is presently taking summer classes to make up for the ones she missed while she was competing on American Idol.

Before Polumbo found herself in the center of this controversy, Barba was trying her best to keep a low profile and remain outside of media attention.  However, Barba felt she needed to break her silence in order to share her opinion on Polumbo’s situation.

"We just want to prevent this from happening to someone else," Barba said.

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
(Image Courtesy of FOX)