Does Being Gay or Married Hurt Your 'American Idol' Chances?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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By Susan Young,

Simon Cowell’s never stingy with his opinions or his advice, but what was up with that warning last week to Kris Allen that he should have kept the cute wife under wraps at least for a few more weeks?

It sounded like we took a Lost time travel back to the glory days of Hollywood when gay actors like Rock Hudson and Richard Chamberlain had to be seen with pretty young starlets, or married hunks had to push the wife and kids out of the picture so their swooning fans could believe they had a chance to score with a celeb.

Because everyone knows that fans have a shot at dating someone like Julia Roberts or Hugh Jackman if only they weren’t married.

Kris looked pole-axed when Cowell suggested that he may have hurt his chances in the voting round by doing the ultra-cute video showing him all happy and content with his pretty wife Katy. Cowell thinks Kris lacks the pipes to bring in enough votes to avoid getting booted. Kris needs to concentrate on being the guy who ends up on the poster every young girl puts up in her bedroom right between the unicorns and the Jonas Brothers.

Being a married guy makes those phones stop ringing in Cowell’s mind. Off you go, Kris. Make room for another modestly talented singer who remains, at least in the minds of his fans, available should the opportunity arise.

We’re wondering if Cowell might give out similar advice to Adam Lambert, the current favorite among the judges to take the American Idol crown. Adam appears to have been fairly open about being gay, unlike other contestants like Clay Aiken, who only came out afterward. Sexy videos have surfaced, including a YouTube entry with Adam dancing with two other male dancers in a seductive take on Brit’s “Womanizer.”

Similar reports and video came out about another American Idol contestant, David Hernandez, who worked as a stripper in a nightclub catering to men. The difference between the two is that Adam has some major singing talent.

Despite Cowell’s warning, it could be that things like being happily married or gay have nothing to do with how votes turn out. Look at last week’s Survivor when Spencer spilled to the confession cam that he was gay and feared that if his teammates – particularly Alabama cattle rancher J.T. – discovered he was gay, he would get voted off.

Turned out he was voted out of the tribe not because of his sexual preferences, but because he didn’t come through in the challenges.

So would you stop voting for Kris because he appears to be happily married with a lovely wife? Or stop voting for Adam because photos of him doing the tongue tango with another guy popped up on the Internet? Or would you vote for Danny Gokey because his young wife tragically died not long before he tried out for the competition?

Then you have the whole “Danny’s deceased wife” backlash. Talk too much about the pain, and you get mocked for playing on the tragedy for votes. Don’t talk enough and you’re an insensitive jerk who moved on like Jason from Melissa.

With shows so wrapped up in the backstories, it could turn out that the only thing that counts is how well you sing or if you come through on the challenges.

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