David Archuleta's Stage Dad Booted from 'Idol' Backstage
American Idol finalist David Archuleta has won the hearts of millions of Americans.  To his fans, he is idyllically sweet, naïve, and a representation of what American Idol is about – the emergence of fresh, new talent.  However, there have been rumblings, rumors throughout the American Idol season that not everything was apple pie and unicorns in the Archuleta camp.  David Archuleta's father was said to be overbearing, a brutal stage dad who made all the decisions for little David, including song choices, how he performed his songs, etc.  Earlier in the American Idol season, Jeff Archuleta denied that was a stage dad, and that all the reports were basically untrue.  He was lying.  On the heels of last Tuesday's Top 4 performance show, Jeff Archuleta has been banned from appearing backstage by American Idol.  He can no longer be in any practice room, in contact with the other singers, the vocal coaches, the band, anything.  He'll be allowed to attend the live shows this week and next, but that is all.

The final straw for the American Idol team came when Jeff Archuleta forced his son to change the lyrics of “Stand By Me” to incorporate lyrics of Sean Kingston's “Beautiful Girls.”  That song was not cleared, and despite being told it was an absolute no-no over and over and over again, Jeff still sent David out to perform the changed lyrics, ultimately costing FOX a significant amount of money. 

Needless to say, this kind of behavior is inappropriate.  When you add this to Jeff Archuleta's reported constant berating of vocal coaches, the band and even the other singers, you have someone who should not be allowed within miles of a series as important as American Idol.  I'm very surprised that this did not happen sooner.  It also makes you wonder how much David has suffered at the hands of his father.  David has had little or no control over his path this season, and probably is not used to making any of his own decisions.  It will be interesting to watch how he does without his father's dictatorial tutelage this week, especially given the fact that he must perform three songs on Tuesday's performance show.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of FOX)