Danger Zone: The 'Idol' Top 4 Sing the Songs of the Cinema
Danger Zone: The 'Idol' Top 4 Sing the Songs of the Cinema
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Lights. Cameras. Action ... Well, we'll see about the action, from the looks of the uninspiring song list, it seems like American Idol's trip to the movies tonight might be best be used as an excuse for an hour long nap for exhausted Idol fans.  Fans like me, who can't believe that with a theme as vast as "songs of the cinema" the Idol powers that be decided on a list of rehashed songs we've already heard on Idol and that are cheesier than Ellen's jokes. 

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Tonight's theme isn't "a highway to the danger zone" but it certainly is "another boring ballad to the danger zone."  With viewers hemorrhaging from week-to-week, viewer dissatisfaction at an all time high and only three weeks of the competition remaining, season 9 of American Idol needs to be saved and STAT. One thing is for sure though, Disney ballads and songs previously performed by Kris Allen and Fantasia just aren't going to cut it. 

So, will tonight's songs of the cinema be Oscar or Razzie worthy?  Grab some popcorn, a large soda to help keep you awake and watch along with me live as we inch closer to Crystal Bowersox or Lee Dewyze's Idol winning acceptance speech.

Just like last year's Top 4, tonight will feature solo performances from each of the contestants and two duets. If mjsbigblog's spoilers are to be trusted, those duets will be The Chosen Ones (Lee and Crystal) and the Also Sangs (Casey and Big Mike.)

Idol Discussion
: Which performance are you most looking forward to tonight?

After seeing Harry Connick Jr. all over the stage last week, Jamie Foxx has decided to insert himself even more into tonight's show. While he won't be arranging or playing on stage with the contestants, he will be doling out t-shirts that say either "contestant" or "artist" based on the performances. We'll be keeping track of who is an artist and who's still just a contestant below. 

First up tonight, the man we called this season's front-runner: Lee Dewyze.

Lee Dewyze - "Kiss from a Rose" by Seal

Color me surprised and disappointed, Lee isn't singing "Iris" by Goo Goo Dolls.

Unfortunately for the Ladies (and gents) Who Love Lee, it was a big step back for the dark horse this week. Like, not "two steps" back ... more like 10 weeks back. Not only did he return to his safety zone of "songs used to seduce your long-distance college girlfriend" -- he returned to the issues with pitch, confidence and performance. This was just way too big of a song for Lee and frankly, he was all over the place. He missed the first high note in a manner reminiscent of Tim Urban and "Apologize" and he sang the song with the same ho-hum performance style of his first few unmemorable weeks. 

Simon Says: "That was verging on karaoke."

Oscar (safe), Just Glad to Be Nominated (shaky), or Razzie (should be packing):
Just Glad to Be Nominated (he'll be safe, but not as safe as he's been in the rest of the season)

Jamie Judgment:
Artist (but we disagree based on that performance)

Michael Lynche - "Will You Be There" by Michael Jackson

This song, which was used in the movie Free Willy and Big Mike is a scary combination to those of us who are musically lactose intolerant.

Big Mike has turned "Will You Be There" into a gospel track, with five backing singers and he is giving it his all. Yet again, the vocals are absolutely spot on. Yet again the vibrato and control is technically flawless. Yet again, Big Mike over powered the song. This is so safe and predictable for Big Mike, it's just more of the same. If you loved Big Mike and what he does, you probably loved this. If you didn't love him before, you definitely don't after that... this was Big Mike on vocal steroids. And I think we can all agree, the last thing any part of Big Mike needs is steroids.

Simon Says:  "At least you gave it 100%." Even Ellen says it was a bit predictable.

Oscar (safe), Just Glad to Be Nominated (shaky), or Razzie (should be packing):

Jamie Judgment: Contestant

For the first of tonight's duets: The Chosen Ones, singing the Chosen song.

Crystal and Lee - "Falling Slowly"

Well, I half predicted this happening ... and just thanks to the song I have instant goose bumps. Some songs just do that, and "Falling Slowly" is definitely one of 'em. However, one has to worry, no matter how great the performance is it the performers or the song that is doing the real work?

LeeandCrystalDuet.jpgI'd have to say it's about 50/50 for this duet. Crystal and Lee sound great singing harmony, though Crystal's vocal consistency only highlights Lee's struggle. The two have turned "Falling Slowly" into a louder Lee acoustic rocker. I'm not crazy about how the arrangement takes away from the delicacy of the song, but there's no denying the tweaks make Lee and Crystal the stars. Standing and singing face to face with an intensity and passion we haven't really witnessed since Casey James' "Jealous Guy," it seems we may have just witnessed the best performance of the season thus far.

Simon Says: "I don't know if I would call that a good song, I would call it a fantastic song."  Kara agrees, calling it "one of my favorite moments of the entire season."

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