Carole King Song Predictions for the 'American Idol' Top 6
Carole King Song Predictions for the 'American Idol' Top 6
This week on American Idol, the Top 6 will sing songs by Carole King. I predict that it will be a good week for Haley (or at least, it should be), and maybe Casey and Jacob. So here are the Carole King songs I would like to hear them sing, because they can't all sing "I Feel the Earth Move."

Jacob Lusk - "So Far Away"
This song has that classy balladic feel that shows off Jacob's voice the best. I worry that a lot of Carole King's songs will require a tremendous amount of restraint from Jacob, which Randy has discouraged him from doing. I like Jacob when he utilizes dynamics and doesn't always blow the song's windows, so we'll see who he listens to! (Hint: Jacob will listen to Randy, not me. Randy has a little more pull on this show.)

Casey Abrams - "I Feel the Earth Move"
At first I was going to give this song to Haley, because it could involve a lot of growling but is also fun and jazzy, but I think Casey will probably choose this one. Casey is headed back in the direction of grunting and stomping around on the stage (and looking murderous), and I'm worried this song will provide the avenue for another performance like that. It could be great if it were done tastefully, though. If he doesn't get this song, I could see him picking "Corazon." That could be really hip.

Lauren Alaina - "Where You Lead"
This song is appropriately cute and within Lauren's range. I wonder if Lauren will seek out a song with bigger, higher notes this week because of what Jennifer Lopez said last week. Will Lauren go big and not go home? I'm not sure Carole King week is the right time to go for a big, diva performance. Plus, she already did "Natural Woman."

James Durbin - "Believe in Humanity"
This song rocks enough for James Durbin to sing it, and it also has some prolonged high notes that he can savor. I think he could give it more edge, staying true to himself, while still doing the original justice.

Scotty McCreery - "Will You Love Me Tomorrow"
Every week it seems like someone gets to cheat and do a cover of a cover, or something that just squeaks by. I think this week it could be Scotty. I could see him giving this song a country twist and bringing it home, Scotty style. It would be best if he did it sitting on a stool, otherwise he's going to pied piper up the stage and turn it into a joke. SOMEONE has to sing this song, because it's SO American Idol. Maybe Lauren will sing it because she's not sure if the voters "will love [her] tomorrow." If Scotty doesn't take it, I think he should sing "Home Again."

Haley Reinhart - "Smackwater Jack"
This song has Haley all over it. It's fun, and provides ample opportunity for growling without overdoing it. I can hear her singing it (but again, Carole King week is for Haley!). I don't know that she should sing this song, but it seems like one she would pick. I could also see her doing "Jazzman."

(Image courtesy of FOX)