Can They Duet? 'American Idol' Top 6 to Sing Duets, Too
Can They Duet? 'American Idol' Top 6 to Sing Duets, Too
There's a lot of Steven Tyler stuff floating around today, but that's a rabbit hole I'm not ready to fall down yet. Instead, let's talk about the Top 6 doing duets this week! Carole King week is kind of an odd one to do duets, isn't it? I know that she's a legend and all, but her songs mostly have a similar feel to them, and might not work on everybody. I guess we'll see, though!

I already predicted what songs I think the Top 6 might (or should) sing this week, but I don't really have a clue what songs they might choose as duets. Instead, I'm going to pick who I want to see singing together.

First of all, we have duos that are tried and true. Scotty and Lauren complement each other nicely, and Haley and Casey can really let loose together. So I certainly wouldn't mind seeing those duos together again (especially Scotty and Lauren, since they both have a country vibe and we haven't seen Scotty mold into many other genres yet).

I think this is Haley's week to succeed, and I'd like to see Haley sing with Lauren or James. She and James could put together an edgy rock number, and I always love to see sisters doin' it for themselves. In Idol's history, however, guy-girl duets are usually more poignant, while a guy-guy duet can get lost in the shuffle, so I'm not sure they would put the two remaining girls with each other. 

Lauren and Jacob could pair nicely, provided he didn't drown her out. I think Carole King week will require a softer touch, so Jacob could pull in the reins a little bit and put together something smooth and hip with Casey and his string bass.

My question this week, and every week, is: what is Scotty going to do? He always turns it out, but I wonder who he'll be paired with this week. For the group performances in the past, he has sung some lovely duets with Lauren. I love when they sing together, but I'm wondering who else they can pair Scotty with? Maybe Casey? I don't know.

This week I am most curious to see Scotty, and most excited to see Haley. What about you? Who are you most excited to see? Who would you like to see duet? Also, do you think the duets will affect the voting at all (if a favorite is paired with someone who's struggling in the competition, or will the difference just set them further apart)?

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