Breaking News: Press Conference with American Idol Eliminated Contestant Brandon Rogers
Last night on American Idol viewers saw the first elimination in the Top 12 as Brandon Rogers was sent home.  Brandon was in the bottom three with Sanjaya Malakar and Phil Stacey and though many people thought that Sanjaya would be going home, it was Brandon that was ultimately eliminated.  BuddyTV was part of an exclusive press conference with Brandon this morning and the following is a recap of what transpired:
During the elimination Brandon knew what was coming.  A lot of people thought Sanjaya was going home but Brandon had messed up his words and wasn't surprised that he was sent home.  He made it clear that he didn't lose to anybody, he just got the least amount of votes. 

What would he have done differently?  He wishes he had picked better songs that showed his range and the better parts of his voice to make him stand out.  He has no regrets though because he did songs that he liked and loved to sing, rather than show off his voice.

Is this a singing contest or a popularity contest? He doesn't know.  But he does know that it is a contest and that by whatever means people do decide to vote, it doesn't affect the validity of the winner.  He believes that everyone just tries to do their best and pick up some fans.  He is elated just to have been in the Top 12.

Working with Diana was great for him.  She was a good mentor and he is happy he was able to stick around long enough to work with her.  They went in, met with her, spoke with her and discussed her comments.  She told him to focus, make sure his nerves didn't get the best of him and to find his peace.

Brandon believes that everyone likes to perform but nobody likes to be judged.  On performance night it's a mix of excitement and anxiety.  Before taking the stage, everyone is in the back pacing, meditating and telling jokes.  Nobody wants anybody else to go home because whoever wins wants to make sure they did a great job, so everyone is really supportive.  Based on his experience as a background singer for stars such as Anastasia and Christina Aguilera, he was able to tell the other contestants how lucky they were to be on the show.

What happened with his words?  It was just him having too good of a time.  When he did his hip shimmy the crowd screamed and he thought how awesome that was and his mind went blank.  Everybody had the same amount of time to prepare and forgetting the words was his mistake and no one else's.

He learned that no matter what people say, he could take it.  He also discovered that he needs to sing like it's his last moment every time he gets on stage and to give it his all every time, all the time.  With this show, he did gave it his all, but with limits.

In the future he plans "a slow but sure takeover of the world."  The show is such a good vehicle and he wants to use it to help kick start his career in music although he is open to other things such as acting.  American Idol gave him the confidence to seek a solo career.

-Cameron Curtis, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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