Another Peek at Ellen on 'Idol'
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
We're just a day away from Ellen DeGeneres taking her place behind the American Idol judges table and hopefully a Hollywood week full of people who can actually sing. Just because we've reached imminent countdown time (you all have an Ellen to Idol countdown clock going right?), doesn't mean that there still isn't time for another sneak peek of the comedienne.

This week's clip seems specifically made to allay the fears of folks who think Ellen will spend all her time cracking jokes, rather than judging. The 30 second clip shows Ellen critiquing as much as cracking wise. I have to admit, the clip worked on me. I'm eager to see Ellen and her brand of compassionate humor and quick wit step behind the table tomorrow.

(Image and Video courtesy of FOX)