'American Idol' Video Sneak Peek: Kris Allen Flies To Haiti
After all those schedule issues and premature announcements, American Idol winner Kris Allen finally flies to Haiti to visit the survivors of the huge earthquake that hit the country more than a month ago.

Of course, he's been planning a visit since a week after the disaster, which has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives. It finally pushed through with the help of the United Nations Foundation. This Thursday night, Kris will appear on the Idol results show to show more footage from his visit to Haiti, give a performance, and ask for donations--effectively kicking off this year's Idol Gives Back.

But the UN Foundation has released a short clip of Kris meeting the survivors and helping along, as well as his thoughts on the matter. Short, because there's surely more to go by Thursday.

Nice seeing folks like him actually go to Haiti and help out. Anybody else?

(Image courtesy of UN Foundation)