American Idol: Top 24 Results Show, Quick Thoughts
Here we are folk, the first American Idol Results Show of the season.  Who will be the four people kicked to the curb tonight?  Based upon the how the judges felt, it would probably be Sanjaya and Paul Kim.  For the girls, it would be Antonella for sure (but America may save her for her looks) and either Alaina or Amy.  Here are my quick thoughts from the episode.

  • Guest singers for this season include Jon Bon Jovi, Jennifer Lopez, Gwen Stefani, Tony Bennet and, most interestingly, Barry Gibb of The Bee Gees.  Impressive line-up, if I may say so myself.  I guess it's pretty hard to turn down appearing in front of thirty million people.

  • Ah, it's the dreaded group song.  They sing “Sowing the Seeds of Love” by Tears for Fears.  I can admit it: I really like Tears for Fears, especially that song at the beginning of Tears for Fears.  The guys actually sound much better during their brief solos here in the group song.  I'm sorry, I know lots of you love the group songs, but their corniness is overwhelming.

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  • Ryan goes talks to the guys first.  Chris Sligh says that he loves Simon.  Touching.  Here we are, first cut of the season.

  • Brandon Rogers: He is safe.

  • Sundance Head:  He is safe.  Still time for Sundance to redeem himself.

  • Chris Richardson: The JT look-a-like is safe.

  • Nick Pedro: The man is safe.

  • Blake Lewis:  Also safe.

  • Paul Kim:  He's going home.  This is probably the right choice.  I feel pretty bad for him, because I really do think he had a bad performance and chose a bad song.  He gets to sing one more time.  His voice is all right, just not very strong.  Goodbye, Paul.

  • Time for the first cut on the girls side.

  • Jordin Sparks: She is safe.

  • Stephanie Edwards:  She's sticking around.

  • Sabrina Sloan: Safe.                 

  • Leslie Hunt: Safe, and a little bit of a shocker to me.

  • Melinda Doolittle: Safe, as she should be for a long time.

  • Antonella Barba: She deserves to go home, but she is safe.  American loves hot girls.  You need no more proof.

  • Amy Krebs: She is going home.  This was inevitable, but I was hoping she'd stick around.  Simon is right, nothing stands out about her.

  • Fantasia Barrino comes out to sing a song from “The Color Purple”, which she'll be starring in on Broadway.  Seacrest talks to Quincy Jones, who is in the audience, but promptly cuts him off.  Awkward.  The performance is, not surprisingly, really good. 

  • Time to rid ourselves of one more girl.  Oh, the suspense.

  • Haley Scarnato: Safe. Good; she's got potential.

  • Lakisha Jones:  Do I even need to say anything?

  • Gina Glocksen: Safe, and for good reason.  Big voice on that Gina.

  • Alaina Alexander: Safe, but not deservedly.  She, like Antonella, is good-looking and that's why she's still here.

  • Nicole Tranquillo:  Unfortunately, she is gone. She has a great voice and should have got another chance. 

  • Final guy's elimination.

  • Chris Sligh: Safe, obviously.  America loves their funny, stocky guys.

  • Phil Stacey:  Safe, will probably be around for awhile.

  • Jared Cotter:  Safe, one of the better male singers.

  • A.J. Tabaldo: He'll be sticking around.

  • Sanjaya Malakar:  Safe, but shouldn't be.  He was really bad last night.

  • Rudy Cardenas: Going home.  Not very fair, but what are you going to do?  He wasn't going to go that far, but he didn't deserve to go this early.
Here's the verdict: Rudy, Paul, Nicole, and Amy are sent home.  Nothing too stunning, except that Antonella gets another chance.  Read the full recap at American Idol - Top 24 Results Show Recap.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer

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