American Idol: Top 10 Girls, Performance Grades
The top ten girls performed live on American Idol last night, and the results were about as expected.  It wasn't as jarringly great as their first week of performances were, but it was impressive nonetheless.  Every girl who gave a poor performance last week improved, and the girls we expect greatness from didn't disappoint.

As I've been doing the day after each live performance episode, I've given grades to each singer based on what they did last night.  Here they are:

Gina Glocksen: B

Gina's big voice will continue to advance her in the competition (I think), but I'm not the biggest fan in the world.  Gina needs to work on becoming a better overall performer, because right now she's relying completely on that voice.  She was pretty good last night, however. 

Alaina Alexander: D

Poor Alaina.  She's an okay singer, but is just out of her depth on American Idol.  She began her song pretty well last night, but she quickly was overpowered by it and started singing woefully out of tune.  She's getting by on her looks and those look may just keep her around past tonight's elimination.   

Lakisha Jones: A-

Lakisha's rendition of the classic Gladys Knight song “Midnight Train to Georgia” likely kept her as the favorite to win this season, although Melinda Doolittle will probably have something to say about that.  It wasn't as show-stopping as last week, but she did just about all that could be done with the song in the time limit she was given. 

Melinda Doolittle
: A

The best performance of the night, and perhaps the best performance of the entire show so far, comes from the former back-up singer.  Reaching into the way-back machine and picking out Billie Holliday's “My Funny Valentine”, Melinda let loose a powerful, in control, and calculated performance that was nothing short of breathtaking.  The duel between her and Lakisha will be a fun one to watch. 

Antonella Barba: C+

Antonella improved greatly upon her first week performance, but suffered from “big song syndrome”, picking a Celine Dion ballad that may have been a tad too much for her to handle.  I thought it was pretty good for Barba (who just isn't a great singer), but the judges weren't big fans.  It will be only a testament to her good looks and internet infamy if she's not booted tonight.

Jordin Sparks: B

Jordin is one of the best singers on American Idol right now, but I thought her performance was severely lacking last night.  Sloppy and disjointed in parts, Jordin really needs to step it up if she wants to be considered in the same league as Melinda and Lakisha.  She was really emotional during and after the song, and that may have played a part in the sub-par (for her) performance.

Stephanie Edwards: B

Stephanie just doesn't do a whole lot for me.  She's a good singer, but not great and not unique.  She's Lakisha-lite, and that's not going to get her anywhere on American Idol this season.  She did turn in a good performance last night, and the judges were pleased, but I don't see Stephanie advancing too far.

Leslie Hunt: B+

An impressive performance from Leslie, who I wasn't expecting much from.  She even breaks into a little scat at one point and, while not as good as Blake Lewis, she still succeeded.  I still don't think she has much to offer as the competition progresses, but I could be wrong.  She definitely brings a different dynamic than the rest of the ladies.

Haley Scarnato: B

Haley comes out in a different light this week, going much more upbeat than her previous performance.  The results aren't incredible, but I kind of dug the performance.  Haley is a sneakily good-looking girl, and I think that'll probably help her progress a little further on the show.  As it stands right now, in terms of talent, she remains in the middle of the pack.

Sabrina Sloan: B

A lot of people are higher on Sabrina than I am and, while I can admit that she can be an incredible singer at times, she makes too many mistakes.  In last night's performance, she completely tanked the last note, and that's the kind of thing you can't afford to do in a singing competition.  She should be around for a while, however.

More good work from the ladies last night.  Maybe not as impressive as their first week was, but still a head above their male counterparts.  My prediction for female eliminations tonight: Alaina Alexander and Stephanie Edwards.  That's not based on talent, but what I think America will do.  We'll see tonight.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer