American Idol: Tamyra Gray to join cast of Rent
Tamyra Gray, who finished in fourth place on American Idol's inaugural season, will be joining the cast of Rent on Broadway in New York City.  Tamyra will be playing the role of Mimi Marquez, a heroin addicted stripper.  She was set to make her first appearance in the heralded musical today.

Tamyra Gray, who famously sang “A House is Not a Home” on Idol, has had one of the more interesting careers of any former American Idol contestant.  Take a look at these accomplishments:

  • Co-wrote a song on Kelly Clarkson's first CD, which she also sang a duet on.
  • Had a recurring role on the FOX classroom drama Boston Legal and has also made guest appearances on a number of other TV shows.
  • Made her film debut in The Gospel.
  • Co-wrote two songs on Jessica Simpson's “A Public Affair” CD.
  • In 2006, married songwriter and record producer Sam Watters.

Okay, that last one probably doesn't mean anything to you.  But, I assure you, that it is the most incredible part of Tamyra's bio.  Sam Watters, Tamyra's husband, was a member of the 90's “boy band” Color Me Badd.  

If you don't know who they are, well, I pity you.  Color Me Badd is probably the most unintentionally hysterical music group of the decade.  They were the boy band equivalent of Vanilla Ice, only if Ice were more overtly sexual and less talented.  Looking back on their videos, it feels like an alternate dimension, almost more baffling than the eighties.  I'm sure Sam Watters is a talented guy and can write a good pop song, but don't you think that whole Color Me Badd stint would taint his resume a bit.  Anyway, we'll leave you with an example of Color Me Badd's preposterousness. 

If you are offended by vaguely sexual lyrics sung by dudes with wispy mustaches, Kenny G-hair, or horrid dance moves, do not press play.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer