American Idol Season 9: Updated Top 24 Spoilers
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Update: The list's complete again, and Michael Lynche's status is still unsure, although his alleged disqualification turned out to be a rumor.

Just two cities into the audition process on American Idol and word on the web is, we already know most of who'll be making it through Hollywood and taking the big Idol stage. With Hollywood week filming wrapping up, names of our possible Top 24 contestants started leaking out on to Idol-obsessed blogs such as Vote for the Worst and Joe's Place.

Of course, as is the case with all spoilers, these should be taken with a grain of salt. That being said, just two cities worth of auditions and there's already a handful of names on this list that I recognize. Not to mention, a couple I'm shocked to see missing.

As of 5:30 pm (PST) 20 21 22 all 24 23 names have been leaked as members of the Season 9 Top 24.

Top 12 Boys:

1. Aaron Kelly
2. Alexander "Alex" Lambert (video of him performing the Barney song, really.)
3. Andrew Garcia
4. Benjamin "Ben" Honeycutt (covering Kings of Leon "Use Somebody) (Rumor was, he was cut in the group round.)
4. Casey James
5. Christopher "Chris" Golightly (featured on Idol previews)
6. David Duke
7. Jermaine Sellers (Atlanta Auditions, church singer who auditioned with "What If God Was One of Us")
8. John Park (Chicago Auditions, doing a Glee version of "Falling Slowly")
9. Lee DeWyze
10. Michael Lynche (Reports of his disqualification may have just been a rumor.)
11. Tyler Grady (Boston Auditions, "Let's Get It On"...with two broken wrists!)
12. Todrick Hall

Top 12 Girls:

1. Ashley (Makailah) Rodriguez (Boston Auditions, Simon said she had "it.")
2. Haeley Vaughn
3. Janell Wheeler (Orlando Auditions)
4. Katelyn Epperly (Chicago Auditions)
5. Katie Stevens (Boston Auditions, a sob story with pipes...and the Portuguese Grandma)
6. Lacey Brown (made it to Hollywood week during season 8)
7. Lillian "Lilly" Scott
8. Michelle Delamor
9. Maddy Curtis (Boston Auditions, the one with siblings who have special needs)
9. Crystal Bowersox (auditioned in Chicago but was never shown)
10. Siobhan Magnus (Boston Auditions)
11. Vered Didi Benami
12. Paige DeChausse (Chicago Auditions, the girl who almost died from an asthma attack)
12. Paige Miles

The name I'm most surprised to see missing is Mallorie Haley, though I'm holding out hope she'll take one of those remaining four spots for the ladies. So America, keep your eyes peeled during the audition process for these of them just might be your American Idol.