American Idol: Sanjaya Malakar loved everywhere but home?
If it has to do with Sanjaya Malakar or American Idol, then it's news. 

The great city of Federal Way, Washington (Sanjaya's hometown) is refusing to have a city-mandated Sanjaya Malakar Day.  According to local news, “That city's manager says Federal Way has more important things to deal with and won't push to give the 17-year old a proclamation.”  How dare they deny the citizens of Federal Way a tangible way to celebrate their beloved son?  What kind of sick, depressing world do we live in?

Being a lifelong resident of the Seattle, Washington, I am actually familiar with the city of Federal Way.  It is a mere 25-30 minutes south on I-5 from us, in between Seattle and Tacoma.  There is one, and one reason only, to visit Federal Way: Wild Waves.  You see, Wild Waves is the only major waterpark within a reasonable vicinity to Seattle, and it is clearly visible off the freeway from I-5 as you pass through Federal Way.  It is a nice enough waterpark (although I don't have wide-ranging waterpark experience to judge it against) and is the only reason anyone would ever visit that city.  Point being, I can't see why Federal Way wouldn't want to capitalize on all this Sanjaya madness.

Here is my advice to Federal Way:

If you're only destination of note is a waterpark, you can't afford to slap away a wispy-mustached-singing-machine-godsend like Sanjaya.  It is inexcusable.  Have a Sanjaya Malakar Day.  Have a Sanjaya Malakar parade (a float for every hairstyle!).  Wild Waves should unveil a new Sanjaya-themed slide for the summer (ride The Pony-Hawk of Doom!).  Perhaps Federal Way is in the midst of more serious issues, although I can't imagine what those would be.  Unless Federal Way decides to embrace their Golden Child, it'll likely be years until he returns, seeing as he will almost surely become a global singing phenomenon after he emerges victorious on this season's American Idol.

Federal Way, I implore you: don't miss this opportunity!  Do you not want to be known as the city that spawned the greatest singing human this world has ever known?

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer

Source: RealityTVMagazine
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