'American Idol' San Francisco Auditions Preview
'American Idol' San Francisco Auditions Preview
You may already have your favorites picked out, but don't forget about San Francisco! Wednesday night the auditions will (finally) be wrapping up, and then it's on to Hollywood! Will any of these hopefuls make it through?

So Much Power
If you liked this week's episode of Glee, you might like this audition! Or you might not.

Hitting All the Runs
Something happened to this girl's pants. Are there many wild animals in San Francisco?

You're Not Gonna Love Him
This is a very popular song choice this year. Sadly, I don't think this guy was really feeling the drama one needs to carry this song through.

You May Have Heard Him Through the Grapevine
You know how sometimes the weather is so cold that one day, it gets up to like, 40 degrees and you wear shorts just because it doesn't feel cold anymore? Well, I'm sensing that the judges have been dealing with a lot of cold weather auditions, and they'll put this guy through because he looks like shorts potential. I don't know, he just seems sharp to me.

Look Out, Andrew Garcia!
Someone is jacking your trademark cardigan and glasses combo!

Do the San Francisco auditions look any good to you? Or will it be L.A. part two (NOOOO!!!!)?

(image and video courtesy of FOX)