'American Idol' Roundup: Watch Adam Lambert's New Video, Plus Randy Jackson Gets Dissed (A Lot)
'American Idol' Roundup: Watch Adam Lambert's New Video, Plus Randy Jackson Gets Dissed (A Lot)
Ahh, Hollywood week, we meet again. Well, we'll meet again next week. For now, though, another trip round the world of American Idol, beginning with a music video we've been waiting for so long for...

Adam Lambert's got a new music video out! It's for his new single "Better Than I Know Myself", the first single off his sophomore album Trespassing. And it's quite split-personality. In a good way.

Lambert also revealed a few more details about his album, which hits stores next month. In an interview with Sugarscape, he reveals that some of his new songs are about his boyfriend, Finnish reality star Sauli Koskonen. He's also pretty excited about a track called "Naked Love", which he calls "super fun pop-dance ... from the writers who did 'Moves Like Jagger' ... It's about wanting the kind of relationship that's no bulls---."

Hmm. Adam is looking more Finnish by the day. Or is it just the music video?

Elsewhere in the Idol-sphere...

No love for Randy Jackson, part one: legendary Broadway singer Betty Buckley went on a (really) lengthy Twitter tirade against the Idol judge after his comments during the Aspen audition episode. Remember auditioner Angie Zeideran, she who sang a number off Broadway musical The Producers? Randy said showtunes "turn me off," adding that it "brings out the vibratto I don't like."

In essence, Buckley called Randy's "constant diss of 'Broadway' sounding" as "ignorant and stupid" and "beyond idiotic". She even tags Steven Tyler and Idol EP Nigel Lythgoe in her little history lesson. (See her Twitter account here, or read all of the tweets, lovingly assembled, by MJ Santilli over at MJsBigBlog.) Nigel later reached out to the singer, vowing to talk to Randy about it.

No love for Randy Jackson, part two: remember when he called NBC's The Voice a show for "second chance people"? One of the show's coaches, Adam Levine, isn't amused. "Shame on Randy Jackson for saying that," he tells Ellen DeGeneres, in an episode of her talk show airing today. "He, of anybody; should know that if you're in this business you need second, third, fourth and fifth chances. So we love and embrace having that being part of the show."

Okay. Back to the Idol-sphere. We talked about Nigel, and now he's previewing Idol's Hollywood week episodes, which start this Wednesday: "[It is] so tough," he tweeted. "Five contestants collapsed, with one falling dramatically from the stage. It was extremely frightening." Or, said hopeful watched that America's Got Talent episode where a guy danced his way off the stage.

Carrie Underwood has announced the release date for her next album: her still-unnamed fourth release will be out on May 1, according to a press release from Sony Music Nashville.

Finally today, what is William Hung up to? RumorFix found out that the former Idol hopeful turned viral sensation (before that term was invented, frankly) is now working with the Los Angeles County Sheriff, working statistics for the Crime Analysis Program. Watch his whole interview below:

Is a CSI appearance in the cards? Maybe if he has time.

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