'American Idol' Results: The Final 3 Revealed
'American Idol' Results: The Final 3 Revealed
Two girls, two bros, three stay, one goes! Imagine that little rhyme in cut-out magazine letters and you've got yourself a serial killer. Tonight we find out the Top 3 contestants who will return to their hometowns as "heroes," in a segment that will hopefully fill any time that may have been occupied by a Rock of Ages or Coca Cola promotion. We also get performances from former winner David Cook (yay, is my understanding), and the enchanting Jennifer Lopez. I honestly can not wait to see how this J. Lo performance pans out. I'd like to see her in a giant shoe again, like she was for that mediocre performance of "Louboutins" once upon a time

Even though I'm still depressed that Skylar is gone, and last night's "California" theme depressed me even further, I have found a way to carry on. Whatever the outcome, tonight's result will not devastate me nearly as much. I think Hollie will go, but I've thought it before and been wrong. John also thinks it will be Hollie. But who knows? Jessica could be eliminated for that second dress alone! One billowy sleeve ... pshaw. Have the judges been over-hyping Joshua, making people think he is safe or wanting to vote for others to teach the judges a lesson? Did the female viewers get so caught up in their love for Phillip that they threw their phones through a window in a fugue state and weren't able to vote? Do you think he even cares if he wins? Anything could happen, but I think we all know the most likely outcome.

By the way, I watched Joshua's performance of "It's a Man's World" again today and it still gave me chills. As Randy would say, he "sang the you-know-what out of it." 

OH MY GOD, did you catch that brief shot of young Clay Aiken going home in the intro package? He was so wee! Look at this odd red carpet they rolled out for Ryan tonight. I bet it's really for Phillip. It's all for Phillip at this point.

The Top 4 perform "California Dreamin'" and Hollie actually sounds good on it. Very comfortable. Phillip groaned and slid all over it because he just doesn't care. If I had to declare a winner of this group performance, it would be Hollie, for not over-singing it. I'm still not "getting" this red carpet thing they've set up on stage.

Californiaoversingin.jpgOh lucky us. We will not only be treated to a Ford Music Video tonight, but now we get a peak behind the scenes! This one is about the Ford electric car, and Joshua is excited to "drive" it. It's about "greening" up a rough area and having hot, muggy breath. Hollie reveals that they are actually lip syncing for the video! I don't want to believe it. Immediately after, we are treated to the real thing, which is sans Phillip, who I guess was "sick" that day. I would be, too.

fordhotbreath.jpgSo who's going home? Who's going hometown? Phillip Phillips is up first. I had forgotten how stupid it was that they had surfers in the background of that CCR song he sang. Jimmy thought Phillip's choice not to play the guitar and add a saxophone was a demonstration of him coming into his own. Sure, Jimmy. Let's talk about "Volcano," though, which was sexy and very well-shot. Jimmy thought it all came together and was all magnificent. But what did America think? We'll have to wait and see.

Hollie Cavanagh is up next to not get any results. Jimmy thought "Faithfully" worked for Hollie and "I Can't Make You Love Me" didn't. No new information from Jimmy! Or from Ryan, as Hollie goes back to the couch.

Now David Cook performs, and it's nice to see a familiar face, despite the haircut atop it being too short on the sides. It's sticking out funny.
DavidCookstickyouthair.jpgJoshua Ledet is up next. Jimmy thought his Josh Groban performance came up short. Too many bells and whistles, and it was too much of a Josh Groban song for Jimmy. But that theme was practically irrelevant. Joshua "found Jennifer speaking Spanish very attractive." I will let that be. Jimmy just loved Joshua's second performance to no end. To the couches with you, Joshua.

Aaaaaaand Jessica Sanchez! Jimmy thought "Steal Away" was not so great, with too much growling (I agree). Save all that growling for never again. But on to the REAL performance now; Jimmy thought her second one was awesome. He "has no idea" who will win this season. I don't know about THAT statement, Jimmy. We don't even know who is facing elimination tonight, though.

Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler are in the audience flanking Ryan Seacrest, but not eating popcorn, so this can only mean that Jennifer Lopez is performing. HAHA, look at Jennifer's man-throne! It is a throne made of men. I want one, please. The throne dissolved, leaving Jennifer against a Xanadu-type background. The throne pieces cartwheeled back in to dance behind Jennifer and move her around the stage. Then she and a guy I can only assume is her new boyfriend show us some moves from the video. He touched her bottom.

JLowantstoDance.jpgThe song ended, Jennifer thanked the audience and American Idol in her real, worn-out voice, then her boyfriend picked some confetti out of her hair. Come on, man, why would you do that on camera? Another question: do you think Nigel owns a share in Jennifer Lopez now and asked her to do a song about wanting to dance so he could cross promote it on So You Think You Can Dance? HASHTAG FOX CONSPIRACY THEORIES.

Ryan, are you ready to tell us anything yet? No. First we are going to ask the judges some pointless questions. Steven tells us Phillip has gone "from 'I don't care' to finding out who he is and still not caring." He thinks Phillip will be successful no matter what. I agree; he doesn't need this competition. Hollie and Joshua have both seized their potential this season. Jennifer ignores the question about Jessica's growling and calls it "the really good singing trick." Hm.

The first person in the Top 3 is Jessica Sanchez. The second is Joshua Ledet.

PhillipandHollie.jpgAfter the break, Ryan mentions "huge surprises at this stage in the game," and for the first time ever, Phillip looks worried. But he has no need to be. Phillip Phillips is, of course, in the Top 3. Hollie Cavanagh is leaving tonight, and we all knew it.

I think Hollie came out of the gate strong in the finals, but lost her way a little here and there, and there wasn't any room for it this week as she left us with that Bonnie Raitt song. For her swan song, Hollie performs "The Climb," reminding us of her journey. She goes to the Top 3, and hugs Joshua first, which actually makes me tear up a bit. I think he'll benefit from a few of Hollie's fans voting for him now. The cameras seem to think so, too, as they keep cutting back to a tearful Joshua.

Who will have the best hometown hero visit next week?

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