'American Idol' Predictions: Who's Going Home From the Top 12?
'American Idol' Predictions: Who's Going Home From the Top 12?
The judges seemed to think it was a great week, but I disagree. Maybe it's just because I have higher expectations, or was really looking forward to hearing some great songs from the 80's and 90's and the songs they chose were mostly just okay. While a night this average overall could mean that anyone is going home, there were a few performances that even the judges agreed were not great.

I think Karen Rodriguez and Haley Reinhart are on the cusp, having been in the bottom three last week. Karen's performance this week was a little boring and didn't deliver anything new except better pitch, and Haley's performance was a bit divisive. I didn't mind Haley, despite an "interesting" song choice. I think Thia Megia could also be in trouble.

Paul McDonald didn't deliver a very solid performance, but such is his nature and I think people like him for this competition too much to vote him out. Paul's performance was problematic. Who knows, maybe America just doesn't "get" Paul, but while I think he'll make it through this week, I don't think he'll last long in the competition overall. He's a bit of a misfit.

The poll in last night's recap seems to indicate that Naima, Karen, and Haley will be in the bottom three. Either way, I think Naima is definitely going home. Her performance was just off. The notes weren't there, and while she tried something different, it wasn't to her benefit. Jennifer noted Naima's constant trouble with pitch, and stamina it seems, and I think the judges not really feeling Naima's performance was the final death knell.

There's still a fair amount of dead weight to get rid of, it seems. If you could eliminate two or more contestants who would you get rid of? Who is in your bottom three?

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