American Idol: No Alarms and No Surprises
American Idol: No Alarms and No Surprises
I spent thirty minutes thinking of something to say about Paige Miles' elimination. It was a struggle. What do you say about someone who you never really cared much about?

Okay, okay. I did not mean to sound harsh. I also felt bad when Ryan Seacrest finally announced that she was going home. I felt bad when Simon Cowell, in all his blunt honesty, told her that they won't use the save on her anyway, so she shouldn't bother singing.

But I also felt she deserved it. Sure, Simon said she's got good vocals, and I see where he's coming from. Her tone may not be very unique, but it's strong and recognizable. She also knew she'd do better bringing some soul to rock anthems. It may not have been successful most times, but at the least it would've brought her a few more weeks.

My problem with Paige was this: it seemed she didn't know what she was doing on American Idol. At the very least she sounded a bit hesitant. At the very worst--and by that, I meant "Smile" during Top 16 week and "Against All Odds" two days ago--it felt she's just given up in the middle of the song, realizing, "man, I'm so screwed."

The moment Ryan announced her elimination, I was thinking, "isn't this the perfect time Idol used Radiohead's 'No Surprises'?" You know, the song they used during the final Hollywood episode, the somber, depressing song used to soundtrack the shattered dreams of many Idol rejects? The lyrics perfectly fit this time around.

"No alarms and no surprises."

I still believe there are many contestants this season who shouldn't continue. Andrew Garcia and Tim Urban are both starting to grow desperate, by either pandering to the judges or pandering to the audience. But at least they're doing something to stay in the competition. Laryngitis or otherwise, Paige probably went, "oh never mind this, I'll just let it roll." And, well, it didn't work.

Let this be a wake up call to the rest of the Top 10, then. All this season most of you are playing it safe. Consistent, yes. Exciting, no. Boring, definitely. At this point I feel that I won't feel bad for which among you goes home next--well, that goes for most of you, but you know what I mean. Don't you think it's high time you really step up next week?

This week was a bit of a free pass, sure. And you already got into the Idol summer tour, which is a pretty big thing. Now, tell us why you're here. And I mean it.

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