American Idol: Lee Dewyze's Untold Tragedy
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Since his first audition in Chicago, we've loved Lee Dewyze and wondered why he wasn't given more screen time. The questions continued once the Top 24 were chosen, and yet American Idol has acted like the most interesting thing about Lee is the fact that he was a paint salesman.

We've joked about Lee's quiet personality and wondered aloud if he doesn't have some sort of tragic story for American Idol to exploit for votes and sympathy. And it turns out, he does and Idol, in a rare moment of restraint, has chosen not to exploit it. 

This week's Star Magazine broke Lee's tragic story, and it's of Gokey proportions. Turns out, Lee's beloved grandmother, Eileen, was murdered five years ago, at the age of 80, by her own son, Lee's uncle. 

Eileen was killed on October 27, 2004, by her son who was in the midst of a mental breakdown. According to a news report from The Daily Herald, Lee's uncle John was having "some kind of breakdown" outside the family home and police were called.  It was during attempts to call him down that John grabbed a kitchen knife and lunged at an officer and then turned the knife on his mother. Eileen died a short time later.
In October 2006, a judge ruled John Dewyze not guilty by reason of insanity for Eileen's murder.  In April 2007 John DeWyze was committed to the Elgin Mental Health Center for up to 60 years for the murder of his mother.

It's a story that I'm sure that American Idol would love to talk all about, but it's heartening that they've chosen not to. 

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