American Idol - Keep Your Eye on Sligh?
It's that time of year again.  Time to pick your early projection for American Idol winner.  True, we are still at the top 24, but seriously... raise your hand if you have ever picked the winner at this stage of the American Idol game (raises hand.)   In fact, I've picked two American Idol winners at the beginning of competition week and one earlier (Taylor Hicks, and Fantasia Barrino.)  So you may want to listen to what I have to say here, or not.  But no matter how you cut the American Idol 24, I've got my eye on Sligh.  Chris Sligh.

Lately it's almost like the pre-requisite for winning American Idol (with a few minor exceptions) is being a little awkward, having a distinctive (not necessarily great) voice, and having a huge personality.  If you can manage to come up with a moniker that sticks,  like soul-train or Velvet Teddy Bear, you're halfway there as well.

The truth is, when it comes to picking your favorite at this stage in the game, its quite a bit easier than you might think.  Sure, you've just been through a dizzying array of rejections, some of your favorites may already be gone, the American Idol hopefuls have fallen like flies and the final set looks nothing like what you expected.  But don't worry... all this American Idol fatigue is just an illusion.  Picking the winner is as easy as asking yourself "Who do I remember".

I don't need to return to the American Idol website to glance over the list to think of Chris Sligh.  His cherub like face and unlikely curls set him up to be one of those bizarre wannabes, and honestly when he first opened his mouth to sing I cringed at the first few notes, then Sligh found his pitch and before I new it I was bopping to "Kiss from a rose" right along with Paula.  Corny, I know, but he got me.  The looks are only part of what makes Chris Sligh so memorable, his demeanor and quick wit are infectious. 

So until further notice, my eye is on Sligh... until someone with a bigger personalty comes out of their shell.