American Idol: Jordin Sparks performs for Wal-Mart with J-Lo...and Sinbad
So, here's your crazy, bizarre, unfathomable, apocalypse-inducing, cringe-worthy, utterly baffling news of the week:

Earlier today, at the annual Wal-Mart stock holders meeting at the Bud Walton Arena in Fayettville, Arkansas, Jordin Sparks, Jennifer Lopez, and comedian Sinbad provided entertainment for the thousands of shareholders in attendance. Let that sentence sink in.  There are so many ridiculous parts to it that I have no idea where to begin. Those are three artists that I would never expect to take the stage together.  Now, J-Lo and Jordin, sure, they were together earlier this season on American Idol, but together with Sinbad? Really?

Okay, so I know that Idol winners in the past have performed at these Wal-Mart events directly after they were crowned champions.  But, that doesn't make it any less weird.  I'm sure that Jordin got paid a lot (six figures?) to play the Wal-Mart gig, but why would you want that to be your first post-Idol performance?  Even if it is sort of an arbitrary milestone, wouldn't you want that first performance to be somewhere cool, or meaningful?  Like in your hometown, or in New York City, or back on national television?

My biggest gripe is this: Isn't it a little early in Jordin's career for her to be appearing on the shareholder's circuit?  Shouldn't that be reserved for artists of the washed-up variety, the same ones who play casinos and state fairs? 

Another thing: If I'm Jordin Sparks (I'm not), I do not want to share the stage with Sinbad.  Sinbad may be a good guy, but he hasn't been relevant since Jingle all the Way.  How did he get this gig?  There weren't other comedians available?    

I thought Jennifer Lopez was better than this...well, maybe I didn't.  But, J-Lo seems like the type of lady (“diva”) who would remain noble and fade away rather than be relegated to a share holders meeting.  But, then again, it's probably hard to say no when a monstrous check is being waved in front of your face. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer

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