American Idol: Jennifer Hudson Signs on for 'Sex and the City' Movie
Jennifer Hudson, former American Idol contestant and Academy Award winner for her work in Dreamgirls, has signed for a supporting role in the upcoming Sex and the City film.  The long in the making movie, which was reliant on all four ladies (Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Catrall, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis) agreeing to go through with the project. Hudson will play Sarah Jessica Parker's assistant in the film.

There's no word yet on just how big the part of the assistant is, but for Jennifer Hudson to choose it as one of her first post-Oscar roles, you'd have to assume it's a somewhat significant role.  The problem is, it doesn't sound like one.  Is she going to play the “sassy assistant” or is she going to play the “shy assistant”?  Are there any others?  I'm a Jennifer Hudson fan, and thought she was remarkably good in Dreamgirls, so I hope it's a solid part.

Unfortunately, even though Hudson is a new Oscar winner, she's in a different situation than most because she half-sang her way to the award.  Nothing wrong with that, but Hudson doesn't have the straight-up acting clout of your typical Academy Award winner.  Also, historically, winners of the Best Supporting Actress Oscar, which Hudson took home, aren't destined for greatness.  Mira Sorvino, anyone?  Marisa Tomei?  I'm sure Hudson had offers, and lots of them, but I doubt her phone was ringing off the hook.  Getting a role in the Sex and the City film, while not a starring role, will be a high-profile part because every woman in America is going to drag their significant other to the theaters to see it.  Sex and the City might be the first billion dollar domestic box office.  If you walk into the house/apartment of any woman aged 20-35, there's an eighty percent chance they'll have some Sex and the City DVDs laying around.  So, good career move, Jennifer Hudson.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer Source: Hollywood Reporter
(Image Courtesy of MSNBC)