American Idol: First Hollywood Show Quick Thoughts
American Idol finally gets to Hollywood.  172 contestants have made it to the Southern California, 114 of them female.  This means the chopping block will coming down hard on the ladies tonight. What follows are my initial thoughts while watching the episode.

  • All 172 contestants have gathered to eat breakfast.  Invigorating.
  • Only the ladies will be singing on the first day.  Each girl will sing for about 30 seconds, and that is all they will get.  No judges feedback.  Girls are put in groups of six.  Only then do they hear the results. 
  • The first six girls come up on stage to hear the results from their "line."  Simon tells them that they'll all be going home.  First six girls, all eliminated.  This is partly because there are way more girls than guys, but probably also to light a fire under everyone else.
  • Jory Steinberg, a girl the judges loved from New York, was a part of those first six girls who got eliminated.  I think she got screwed.

  • Perla, the Shakira look-a-like (impersonator), is being really publicized by American Idol. They showed her get off the plane. But, she makes it through to the next round.
  • Rachel, the girl from Minneapolis whose husband was in Iraq, doesn't make it through.
  • Baylie Brown, the blonde country girl who the judges loved, is featured and makes it through to the next round. For a 16-year old she's got a great voice.
  • 56 of the 114 girls are sent home on the first day.
  • The second day begins. The guys will be performing, and there will be a lot less cuts for them, considering the large discrepancy in the gender numbers.
  • Jarrod, the Navy Officer, is featured.
  • Matt Seto, the guy who cried, somewhat profusely, after getting his ticket to Hollywood talks about how his parents have been supportive ever since he made it to Hollywood. I don't think he's that good.
  • Our Navy guy Jarrod doesn't make it through. Matt does. Matt, by the way, has a pastel maroon phone.
  • 34 of the guys make it on to the next round.
  • The 92 contestants who remain are about to begin preparing for the group auditions. This is brutal. Just like in middle school, there are some stragglers who can't find partners.
  • In what is surely the most attractive group, the two hot Jersey girls join with Baylie Brown. Baylie watches on as the best friends bicker. Amanda goes and flirts with the guys all night.
  • Time for the group auditions.
  • Matt Seto gets the cut.
  • Perla has been ostracized by her group. And she is pretty terrible during her auditions, and she then gets the boot.
  • A group of four guys, including the beat boxer, sing the Bee Gees "How Deep is Your Love". There performance is pretty awesome, ending with the four of them breaking it down, courtesy of the dude's beat boxing.
  • Sundance, one of my favorites, doesn't have his best performance, but he gores through.
  • The Jersey Girls and Baylie come to perform. Baylie forgets her words and she goes home. She's a good singer . One of the Jersey girls says that she got through because "God loves good people." That whole thing was mildly offensive.
  • The judges go over the final list, paring down the final list to forty from 56. After the judges come to a decision, they split everyone into three room, two of them going through to the end.
  • Ha, one Jersey girl makes it, the other doesn't. And, the Indian fraternal twins from Seattle are split up. The guy makes it, his sister doesn't.
  • A lot of heartbreak, a lot of joy.

Okay, tomorrow the judges will make their final cuts, getting us down from 40 to the final 24. We'll have 12 girls, 12 guys by the end of tomorrow night's episode.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer