Worst American Idol Performances: Season 7 Auditions
This is why the audition episodes of American Idol are so popular, no?  America craves the terrible auditions.  We love to mock the delusional and the bizarre.  We revel in their failure and it's a nice conversation starter with other American Idol fans.  Season seven of American Idol didn't have as abundant a crop of horrible auditions as past years.  It may be the case that we've run out of freaks.  Seven seasons in, the weirdos know the score – if you suck and audition, you will be made fun of.  Historically, the best bad auditions come from those innocent souls who mean well, but just don't get it.   William Hung, for instance.  Hung was so popular because he truly believed in his awful-ness.  It was infectious.  This season, there was no William Hung, though Renaldo Lapuz came close.

Milo Turk

Milo never had intentions of making it to Hollywood.  He's just a simple man, a man who wants to spread the gospel of abstinence.  Not just abstinence, though, he does not want want any of you frisky young people to have sex, under any circumstances.  This full-fledged war on hedonism was displayed via an original song from Milo called “No Sex Allowed.”  We only got to hear a verse or so of the song, though Milo was ready to sing a couple more.  Someone needs to sign him to record deal so we can all hear the entire thing. 

Joseph and Juanita Mejia

These two had minimal exposure, but I just had to include them.  Every time I watch the video of their audition, it just slays me. It's perfect.  Here's the idea: one of us will dress like a mime and act out all of the lyrics that you will sing while wearing a mariachi band costume.  Why the hell not? 

Alberto Hurtado

Definitely the weirdest dude of the bunch.  Alberto is an overweight hippie who brought in some over-sized fans to show off how much he loves American Idol.  Watching the audition again, I'm just struck by the incredible personality of Alberto.  He's exceptionally bizarre as a person, but he seems very secure with who he is, even aware of his own weirdness.  His original song is a little weak, though it gets extra points for being very, very depressing. 

Renaldo Lapuz

Renaldo gave us the best television of any American Idol audition this year.  First, you have to give props to his outfit.  It's an all-white pimp suit get-up worn by a small Asian man of indeterminate age.  His hat almost overwhelms him.  His original song is catchy, and he sings it with preternatural verbosity.  The chorus is short and simple, yet he repeated it a multitude of times and the results were astonishing.  Randy joined him and sang along, Paula danced and sang along, and even Seacrest joined the festivities.  This is why people love the audition episodes.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of FOX)