American Idol! Attack of the Fans! Here is YOUR Reaction to yet Another Sanjaya Save!
Short skirts might have helped before, but those near Daisy Dukes weren't enough keep Haley in the American Idol game as she amazingly was cut in favor of the dread Philferatu.  And what about Sanjaya?  Nah, he was safe, worse yet, if you're doing the math, Sanjaya was actually in the top five!  It isn't looking good for American Idol, but at this point I'm on autopilot!  American Idol fans are reacting with some pretty wild opinions.   Check em out below:

First, our psychic commentator of the evening.

Gupor said: Based on overall performances since Top 12, of course Sanjaya should go. But based on the performance on Latin night, Haley should go. She sang horribly. Her voice didn't suit the song, she wasn't right on the beat and there were some pitch problems. However, I think her legs might probably save her from being eliminated and I got a feeling that Phil or anyone other than Haley may go.

Dude, you should have followed your gut!  Who do you think 'should' go home next week?  My advice, stick with the gut reaction!

yawn said: Sanjaya isn't going to win. He could make Top 3 (shudder), he could knock out Blake or Jordin (godforbid for both) but he won't win. By the way, Gina, Chris S., and Stephanie could all sing, are sure as hell not (or weren't) worthless, and any of them deserve to be in Sanjaya's place. Also, American Idol WOULD NOT BE CRAZY ENOUGH TO LET HIM WIN. They'd rig it so that he'd be voted off. Enjoy these next few weeks, though; Sanjaya will probably survive them and knock out Phil and Lakisha. Happy times, people.

Sound's rational to me, but then again... I'm sort of in a state of denial where Sanjaya and elimination are concerned. Personally, I've put money on Sanjaya to win.  Hey, I'm in the movement.  This is a grass roots phenomenon, there is just no resisting it.

Just what does go through the mind of someone who votes for Sanjaya?  Listen up!

Another Anonymous said: I, for one, continue to vote for Sanjaya. Thanks to VFTW and countless others for keeping him/her on the show. S/he really can sing, but by singing poorly s/he gets more votes. I hadn't watched AI since the first season because I was sick of hearing the same things; "a little pitchy", "in the dogpound", "hot one tonight", "i really like your dress", "sounded like a karaoke contest" etc. Thanks to Sanjaya I'm watching it again.

What do you think people?  Is it legit anymore? Who will go next week?  Were you blown away that Chris was in the bottom three?  Let's hear your feedback!

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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