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Rat Pack Week let the American Idol Top 5 channel their inner Joey Bishop, and we were given a solid top-to-bottom performance show.  In every previous week of American Idol 8, there were at least one or two singers we could definitively say "deserved" to be eliminated based on their performances.  This week, not so much.  Everyone was good.  Some were better than others - we now have to trust that the voters can differentiate the shades of gray.  Will the voters listen to Simon Cowell?  Will they follow their hearts?  Will they do something completely random?  I think Matt should go home, I wish Danny would go home, but I'm secretly hoping that something nutty happens tonight and all hell breaks loose.  I suppose if anyone but Matt is eliminated it will be surprising, but what if Danny of Adam is the lowest vote-getter?  Mayhem. 

It's almost go-time, Children of Idol.  Let's join hands, and dance a dance around the campfire of Elimination.  Roast some s'mores, sing some Kumbaya, eat some mushrooms - it's the American Idol Results Show!  I'm all jacked up on Red Bull and Jujubes, so I know I'm ready.  Are you?

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Pretty lady from The Practice just told Tim Roth to "respect the line."  He doesn't seem too pleased.  However, I am pleased that I don't have to watch Lie to Me.

Dramatic Montage!  The Top 5 each look stoically into the camera!  Jamie Foxx talks about stuff!  "This is a singing competition," says Randy!  And, then, it's about 9,000 spotlights pointed at a squinting Ryan Seacrest.  He's a pro, that Seacrest.  Most land mammals would have gone blind there.

Over 47 million votes last night.  This signifies nothing.  Randy looks like he's about to go to a luau.  And Paula is...EGADS!  ZOMG!  Paula is dropping a crap load of cougar cleavage on America tonight. 

"Watching it back...everyone was good. It was the best show at this stage that we've ever seen," says Simon.  I agree, sir.  Great top 5.

The Ford video goes like this - the Top 5 sprint towards a Hybrid in black and white.  Then the Hybrid circles them and everything turns to color.  How do they come up with this crap?  Do they just send an intern into a closet with a pen, a pad of paper and a bunch of acid?

The Group song is "It Don't Mean a Thing," and it appears the Top 5 is actually singing and not lip-synching.  Which I like. 

Actually, maybe they are lip-synching.  It's hard to tell. 

Jamie Foxx is performing tonight.  So is Natalie Cole.  So is Taylor Hicks.  It's the old PuPu Platter, folks.

Danny's birthday was last Friday, Allison's was on Monday.  So, what does this mean?  We get to watch a video of the Top 5 baking cakes.  Why?  BECAUSE IT'S HILARIOUS!!!  Food Fight!  No, this isn't staged or anything.  It looks like Danny actually wants to murder Allison in this clip.  Some poor FOX PA had to clean that crap up, I'm sure. Ryan then presents Danny with a gift - it's the bill for maid service.  Hi-larious.

Results Time! 

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