American Idol 8: Motown Week Story-Lines
American Idol 8 heads to the mean streets of Motown tonight.  As opposed to Grand Ole Opry week, in which significant portions of the American populace were unfamiliar with the songs being sung, Motown Week should be saturated with golden oldies, songs ingrained in our collective brains even if we all aren't Motown fans, per se, thanks to decades of cultural osmosis and, more specifically, "The Big Chill" soundtrack.  As with any week featuring a bevy of sacred, timeless music, there will be a few great performances and a couple horrid ones (conjecture, maybe, but even though I think this Top 10 is quite talented, do you really think Scott MacIntyre and Michael Sarver will be able to pull off Motown?).  This week's mentor is Smokey Robinson, a man who recorded a handful of classics back in the golden years of Motown.  Even if he's not helpful, he's still pretty cool, even if he did appear in those stupid Dr. Pepper commercials a couple years back.  What can we expect tonight?  What should we be looking for?

American Idol 8: Motown Week Song Choice Predictions
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Song Choice Roulette

Of all the people to pull back the curtain and complain about song choices, Scott MacIntyre seemed the unlikeliest.  Yet, our favorite blind pianist complained on live television last week about losing the “hat pick” two weeks in a row.  It's a little publicized, yet well-known fact that the song list given to the Idol contestants is shorter and more constricting than the audience probably thinks.  As a result, every week a handful of singers are saddled with song choices that they did not initially want.  For a theme as delicate as Motown week, song choice will play a key role.  If someone is forced to sing Jackson 5 when they wanted Marvin Gaye, or Tammi Terrell when they wanted Diana Ross, the ramifications could be wide-ranging. 

Anoop Desai's Sanjaya Potential

Don't get me wrong – Anoop is light years better than Sanjaya Malakar.  I hated Sanjaya, and I quite enjoy Anoop.  However, it's very difficult to argue that Anoop should be a legit contender this season with all the male talent remaining in the competition.  Yet, even after Anoop's disastrous Michael Jackson week performance, Dial-Idol informs us that Anoop was well in the clear.  Last week, he was near the top vote getters once more.  Is it possible that Anoop has cultivated a loyal and rabid fan base that will vote for him regardless of the quality of his performances?  It's something to keep an eye on.

The Enigmatic Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert told America last week that he is going to do whatever he wants, whenever he wants.  He's not concerned with what the judges tell him, and he has no problem going way outside the box with his song choices and arrangements.  Will this be a weekly event?  Will Adam continue to surprise us, or was “Ring of Fire” a one-time thing?  His performance this week will go a long way in telling us exactly who Adam is going to be the rest of the season.  Will he tone it down and show a new side to America or will he keep doing what he's been doing?

Early Bottom 3 Prediction

Allison Iraheta, Scott MacIntyre and Michael Sarver, with Michael ultimately getting the boot.  The judges will not save him. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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