American Idol 8: John vs. Oscar Podcast - Top 10 Elimination Predictions
Last week, my colleague John "The Truth" Kubicek took the American Idol Fantasy TV lead on me by correctly predicting Alexis Grace to go home.  I will admit that it was a very shrewd prediction, and I should have seen it coming.  This week, however, will be different.  Once again, we have chosen different contestants for elimination on American Idol, and after tonight I will retake my rightful place atop the Fantasy Idol mountain.  Kubicek doesn't stand a chance.  This week's John vs. Oscar podcast covers a wide array of topics, as we discuss every performance from last night and make our elimination predictions.  Oh, and John attempts to offend everyone person living in the middle part of the country.  Listen to the podcast below.  You will enjoy it.

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John's Elimination Picks

3rd to Last: Scott MacIntyre
2nd to Last: Michael Sarver
Last/Eliminated: Megan Joy

Oscar's Elimination Picks

3rd to Last: Megan Joy
2nd to Last: Scott MacIntyre
Last/Eliminated: Michael Sarver

Really, it's a crap shoot between the bottom three.  They will be the bottom three, no doubt, and any three of them could go home.  Dial Idol agrees. 

John and I talked about his hatred of Megan Joy and Adam Lambert.  I can understand his dislike of Megan, even if I disagree, but after last night I can't see how a person can remain anti-Adam Lambert.  He was downright incredible.  We also argued about Danny Gokey's potential, Lil's inability to bring any artistry to her songs, and Simon's mustache drawing antics.  But, really, you should listen to the podcast.  We shout at each other, make bad jokes and have an all around good time.  Stay tuned for our coverage of tonight's results show, which we'll be live-blogging. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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