American Idol 8: John vs. Oscar Podcast - Top 36, First 12
The epic competition begins once more.  John vs. Oscar, a battle of heavyweights, lords of the American Idol arena, begins today in earnest.  Today marks the release of the first John vs. Oscar podcast of the season.  We have reviewed the tapes, researched all the sociological iterations involved with America's votes, and come to out own conclusions regarding who will make it into American Idol's Top 12 from the first heat of the Final 36.  In the below podcast, John and I cover a wide swath of issues by discussing each and every performance of the night and culminating in out potentially earth-shattering predictions. 

Below you will find the full mp3 audio of the podcast.

In case you don't have time to listen to the full podcast, or simply hate our voices, here are our predictions.  The predictions were made after careful consideration.  A new wrinkle to the John vs. Oscar predictions this year is that we are not allowing ourselves to glimpse Dial-Idol prior to making our predictions.  This will either be a really good or really bad idea. 

Oscar's Picks:

Top Male Vote-Getter: Danny Gokey
Top Female Vote-Getter: Alexis Grace
Next Highest Vote-Getter: Anoop Desai

John's Picks:

Top Male Vote-Getter: Danny Gokey
Top Female Vote-Getter: Tatiana del Toro
Next Highest Vote-Getter: Brent Keith

John's really going out on a limb with this Brent Keith character, whose performance I considered one of the worst of the night.  If he's right about Keith, then he'll look like a genius.  However, I suspect he'll be proven wrong and come out looking like a buffoon.  We shall see later tonight, no won't we?  The American Idol results show airs tonight at 8pm ET/PT.  Join us for our live thoughts during the show. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of FOX)